Best of IPL: Bowlers with the best economy rate over the years

The ‘Turbanator’ was a trump card for Mumbai Indians in the long years that he ws associated with the franchise. Bhajji’s guile was a very important weapon for captain Rohit Sharma, who used him wisely. Now in the twilight of his career, Harbhajan has been taking the rabbit out of the hat for his former […]

World Cup 2006: part one

Italy’s selection isn’t unusual either: the Azzurri pulled the same stunt in the 1994 finals, while Spain stuck to their local talent for the World Cups in 1998, 1994 and 1990. They were joined by each of Mexico and Japan in ’98, Greece in ’94 and Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea […]

Best Buy discounts these (must-have) LG and Samsung 4K TVs

70-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV — $580, was $600 If you’re willing to shell out for one of the largest available 4K TVs on the market that still manages to pump out images in picture-perfect quality, then you’ll want to opt for the Samsung 6NU6900 4K TV. Its size isn’t just for show. A TV […]

Experience: I manage the last Blockbuster in the world

There’s always a movie playing in the store and we take it in turns to choose it. If it’s down to me it’ll be a family-friendly classic, like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, but there are at least three of us and everyone has their own taste. One of the kids who works here puts […]

This is the best foldable phone concept we’ve seen so far

TCL is “looking at bringing the foldable price down”, which is part of the reason it has quite so many concept designs in the works. The company has previously pledged to bring an “affordable” foldable phone to market, but we’re yet to get a release date or any information on a launch.

Experience: I run a hospice for animals

The last day we had with Osha the bullmastiff was hard, although perfect for her. We took her for her favourite walk, gave her a meal of her favourite food (pasta) and then lay in the garden in the sun with her, feeding her fruit chews, which she loved. Then the vet came and sedated […]

Adapt or die: how the populist right is reacting to coronavirus

National-populists are well known for stoking people’s fears. But the fears now prevalent are not of the kind these leaders are best positioned to exploit. Due to the urgency of health and economic worries, migration – the populist right’s main enemy – has fallen in the list of priorities. Travel bans, and the fact that […]

Sven Hassel obituary

Captured by the Red Army after the fall of Berlin in the last days of the war, he became a prisoner of war. He passed from a Soviet to an American camp, then had periods in French and British hands, before his release in 1949. His plan to join the French Foreign Legion was abandoned […]

From The Great Escape to Sholay: what makes a film a national favourite?

Nosotros los Pobres (Mexico) The Golden Age beefcake Pedro Infante, who died in a plane crash in 1957, was such an icon of Mexican masculinity that it was later rumoured he was alive and masquerading as El Santo, the masked kingpin of lucha libre. Nosotros los Pobres (We the Poor), which came out in 1947, […]

UN General Assembly to decide on rival COVID-19 resolutions

A woman listens to music at a park on Roosevelt Island, Tuesday, March 17, 2020, in New York, with a United Nations building in the background. New York State entered a new phase in the coronavirus pandemic Monday, as New York City closed its public schools, and officials said schools statewide would close by Wednesday. […]