Kiwi cruise company launches new voyages to NZ’s ‘best-kept secrets’

Guests will also have the opportunity to learn about the rich history and conservation efforts of these wild and rugged destinations, experience Fiordland from above with an optional helicopter extension and observe the antics of endemic Snares crested penguins as they navigate the treacherous “Penguin Slide”.

From a rollercoaster hidden in a forest to London’s REAL Diagon Alley, TikTok users reveal the hidden gems across the UK which are the best top secret travel spots

Adventurous Londoners may think they can only access sweeping fields of lavender in the south of France but thanks to a farm just outside the city, they can actually find the areas a lot closer to home. 

Marlborough’s best wine is a chardonnay

“I love making sauvignon as well, everybody has to pay their full respect to savignon because it’s the variety that put Marlborough on the map – but in saying that, I think in the last 10 years Marlborough has started to redefine itself,” he said. 

Containers flipping over in the dishwasher? Mother shares a simple trick to prevent plastic cups and lunchboxes filling with water during the cleaning cycle

A savvy mother, believed to be from Australia, has told how she safely disposes of grease by firstly, lining the sink with tin foil (left) to prevent any spilling down the pipe. Then, once the grease hardens, she explained it should be folded (right) and thrown in the bin

Clever mums are using a game-changing ‘cleaning hack’ to vacuum dirt from narrow spaces in the car – and all you need is a straw and a McDonald’s drink lid

‘After years of not being able to reach the crumbs in parts of the oven, this was the answer. God bless Mums Who Clean,’ one woman in the caption of a photo which shows a hand holding a McDonald’s lid over the end of a vacuum pipe.

Eight years later, The Unfinished Swan finally lands on PC

Instead of their later game’s obsessively cluttered abode, Unfinished Swan instead presents an absolutely stark, almost-monochrome landscape packed with oddities and secrets. Pulled into a surreal, painted world by a pesky bird, you explore a multitude of stunning locations – from Grecian seaside towns to folded paper neighborhoods and intimate studio interiors. To begin with, […]

Roseneath’s The Long Hall restored to its former glory

Shennan still remembers eating fish and chips at sunset with her late husband, Allan Thomas. On the ten-year anniversary of his death, a wooden bench with a plaque dedicated in his name sits above the hall. “He’s here with us today,” she says.

London Film Festival: 10 questions for Clare Stewart

My usual line is that I’ve been over-compensating ever since. The passion for movies took me by surprise in my teenage years when I moved to Melbourne to study at university and the journey has been an incredibly exciting one. On a daily basis, it does feel like I’m a long way from Korumburra.

Epic family roadie up North Island’s SH1: Windmills, secret playgrounds and cream horns

We were all pretty well-fed when just 30kms along the highway we had to stop at Sanson. The place is famous for Viv’s cafe, home of the cream horn. This is a sweet flaky pastry cone lined with the flavour you choose, such as raspberry or passionfruit are what we sampled, and then filled with […]

Alex Marlow: Discredited Atlantic Story Absurdly Implies Gold Star Dad Gen. John Kelly Kept Quiet as Trump Disparaged Dead Troops

Rudy asked how such comments could be kept secret and then be revealed weeks before a presidential election. “What made me roll my eyes is [that] a story of that nature — inflammatory comments of that kind — what are the odds that [they are] sitting dormant for that period of time and just conveniently popping […]