The abandoned beauty of Italy’s 20,000 ghost towns: Stunning pictures of ruined villages left to crumbling in eerie splendour after emigration, natural calamities and pirate raids sent locals packing

But it is not a blessed area when it comes to natural disasters: it has been hit by more than 50 earthquakes, and the ancient bridge which connected the two sides of the valley collapsed – essentially sealing the fate of the village.

My husband the he-devil… and why I tried to kill myself: Fay Weldon reveals the secret misery of her marriage to man who ‘stopped her from seeing friends and flew into furious rages’ as she files for divorce at 89

He had discovered during his wife’s absence — after finding a document on her computer — that she had secretly changed her will to include the children of her late son Tom, and to limit Fox’s control and benefit over her literary estate to three years after her death.

Best Christmas gifts for your wife or girlfriend

And it doesn’t get more stylish than this Christian Lacroix piece that features harlequin design of 16th century Italian commedia dell’arte. It’s layered with the house’s distinctive Paseo emboss, and  also features a chevron-striped ribbon marker, branded spine and silver-toned page edges, for a sumptuous finish. Trés chic.

Guy shares secret hack to make sure your McDonald’s burger is ALWAYS fresh – and it’s all about timing

Hungover woman tailors her McDonald’s burger order and people can’t stop laughing when they see the result

The best indie games for 2020

Your so-called “to-do list” is nothing short of evil. You won’t find any blood or violence. Instead, players rely on puzzle skills and a little stealth to get tasks completed. For instance, your first task is to have a picnic, but that means breaking into the garden, getting the groundskeeper wet, stealing his keys, throwing […]

The 100 best films on Amazon Prime to watch right now

Chronicled from his birth it shows David having an idyllic life as he is taken to visit the family of his nanny Peggoty, played by Daisy May Cooper, but when he returns his young and widowed mother Clara (Morfydd Clark) has married the sinister and cruel Mr. Murdstone (Darren Boyd).

40 best documentaries on Netflix to watch right now

36. David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet Everybody’s favourite 95-year-old animal lover released his most recent documentary ‘David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet to discuss the impact we’ve created on nature and what steps we can take to help the planet out.

From Meghan Markle’s messy bun to Kate Middleton’s elegant wave, we try out the best celebrity haircuts

The Julia SPRINGY curls are sure to make you feel like a Pretty Woman. The Eighties perm shot Julia Roberts, 52, to fame in her 1988 hit movie Mystic Pizza.

‘I got a whole new mindset’: the health secrets of people who got much fitter in lockdown

Ludford spoke to a GP about his anxiety, who recommended exercise and referred him for counselling. So, he started walking: “2km became 5km became 10km,” he says. And he exercised to videos he found on YouTube. At first, he could not manage a single burpee, but after a few months, he was flinging himself on […]

What happened to Dannii Minogue – Simon Cowell ‘fling’, ‘broken’ by X Factor and secret man

“Over the course of the next year, Sharon announced to anyone who would listen that I was impossible to work with (but never explained why); that I was only on The X Factor because of my looks, not any visible talent or contribution to the entertainment industry; and Simon [Cowell] employed me only because he […]