‘Of course, Sachin’s not happy’: Taufel recalls conversation with Tendulkar regarding a wrong umpiring decision

“And out of that sort of exchange, which wasn’t an apology for the sake of making him feel better or me feel better, it was just an acknowledgment that we were both out there doing our best. This is sport, and I wanted to acknowledge that I knew the fact that he was unhappy, and […]

2023: A competent southerner must emerge

It is easy therefore to understand the furore in the south where some people feel the goal post is about to be shifted. This is especially when another member of the ‘cabal; the late Isa Funtua had hinted on the same issue of a ‘competent’ President in his last interview. It gives the impression of […]

Locked in power tussle with Nepal PM Oli, Prachanda tells party workers to prepare for worst

Oli and Prachanda have held at least ten meetings in recent weeks to sort out the differences between them. But, as the Prime Minister did not accept the condition of one-man-one-post, the talks failed. Oli has refused to give up his post as prime minister as well as a co-chairman of the Nepal Communist Party […]

Nurse loses 70 pounds as part of 100-day fitness challenge

When TenHaken put out his call for the community to get active, Sioux Falls was in the midst of voluntary business closures and mandated patron limits at bars, restaurants and retail stores. He said he could tell the pandemic and the response to it was weighing on the community.

Opinion: The next wave of growth will come from within. Make a Meaningful Difference!

Ayush GuptaHistory has constantly demonstrated the ability of strong brands to remain unscathed during periods of great depressions, and extreme market volatility. They decline less in value and recover faster! If you own or manage a strong brand, think about it yourself, this lesson was clear during the global financial crisis a decade ago and […]

Why Nigerian armed forces can’t fight terrorism—Tony Nyiam

First, the ‘General Staff’ under the chairman of the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) needs to provide the Armed Forces with a long overdue actionable military strategy on how to do away with the military threat the Boko Haram insurgents, the AK47 Fulani militia and the bandits, pose to the North East and North West […]

Technological Epicenter: A Teenager’s Dream for Nigeria

“I got the inspiration to write from my Civic Studies note, particularly through the topic, ‘National Consciousness,’” David said. The ideas from that note with his original thoughts of how technology could hasten the attainment of a better country, formed the foundation of the ideas that won him an internship placement at SystemSpecs, a brand […]