How to choose the best cell phone plan for your small business in 2020

Republic Wireless Republic Wireless uses Wi-Fi to provide a virtual network to customers via their cell phone plans. The vendor relies on T-Mobile and Sprint networks when Wi-Fi is unavailable. Rates start at $15 per month ($150 each year) for an unlimited talk and text plan. At this level, Republic Wireless charges $5 per gigabyte […]

New to Medicare? Choosing coverage for next year? Know these key dates

During the Annual Enrollment Period — Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 — all Medicare beneficiaries have the chance to choose plans for the following calendar year. This is the time for you to decide if your current plan fits your budget and your health needs.

Get to know Medicare with these resources

Add Medicare supplement insurance and/or a standalone Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D) to Original Medicare. Choose a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C), which combines Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) in one plan. Most plans include prescription drug coverage (Part D), and many offer coverage for things like routine dental and […]

Medicare Part D: Three factors that could save you money

“Make sure the plan offers access to pharmacies that are convenient for you,” Anderson said. “Some plans also have mail-order pharmacy benefits, and you can get prescriptions delivered to your home for a lower cost than purchasing from a retail location.”

Israel Plans to Broadcast 2018 World Cup to Arab States as Gesture of Respect

Israel named the decision to broadcast the 2018 World Cup “a historic step,” that confirms the status of the Arabic language and the respect that Israel has for it, as Arabs amount to 20 percent of the country’s population. The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15. The matches will take place at 12 venues in 11 cities […]

Blue Cross available to help as open enrollment nears for Medicare and private insurance

“You’ll see a lot about Medicare Advantage products,” Bertaut said. “It’s very important that people research those because there are so many factors that seniors need to consider. That’s why we have a team here who trains all year and we allow people to consult with an agent anytime. The government changes Medicare rules and […]

From deductibles to donuts: Key terms to know about Medicare Part D

The majority of Part D plans have a coverage gap known as a “donut hole.” For example, in 2020, you enter this donut hole once your out-of-pocket costs (including deductibles, copays and coinsurance) for prescription drugs reach $4,020. Once you’re in the donut hole, you will pay 25% of the cost of your drugs. In […]

Houston employees are signing up for PPOs, high-deductible plans, new study finds

Employers’ pressure on insurers to hold the line on costs has led to battles with hospital systems over the prices insurers are willing to pay. Last winter, UnitedHealthcare and Houston Methodist engaged in a public relations battle as their contract expired, with the insurer accusing the hospital system of jacking up prices of care.

Kamala Harris’ new health plan draws critics from all sides

Spiro likened Harris’ plan to the current design of Medicare and Medicaid, which he said “shows it’s possible to have a government program that provides benefits through private options that is very cost-efficient.” He declined to say whether he consulted with the campaign on its plan beyond providing information on Medicare Extra, his group’s proposed […]

Hilary Swank files federal lawsuit against actors’ union health plan over coverage for ovarian cysts

‘Because of ovarian cysts and endometriosis, Swank suffers from extreme and debilitating degrees of acid reflux, pelvic pain throughout her lower abdomen, bloating, cramping, and fatigue, among other symptoms. Swank has and continues to receive treatment for ovarian cysts, including monitoring their growth and treating the cysts and endometrial tissue with ultrasounds, bloodwork, aspirations, and […]