Watch Kawhi Leonard block Jamal Murray at rim with middle finger

Late in the fourth quarter and with the Clippers starting to pull away, Murray blows by Montrezl Harrell out top and goes in for a dunk looking to change the game’s momentum — and Leonard is there to meet him. It’s a one middle finger block.

Do Australia know their best middle order for T20s?

However, have these three matches got Australia closer to knowing who is part of their best middle order as they plan for the 2021 T20 World Cup? Despite the No. 1 ranking, which the consolation victory retained, it was the area of uncertainty heading into this series and remains that way. It would have been […]

Press: Trump gives military middle finger salute

Five, as candidate for president, Trump spent a week disparaging Gold Star parents of Army Captain Humayun Kahn, after his father spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Six, he also insisted that John McCainJohn Sidney McCainTrump casts wide net in Labor Day press conference Trump pushes back on Atlantic article: ‘Only an animal would say […]

George, Leonard lead Clippers to 113-107 win over Nuggets

Nuggets coach Michael Malone plays up the “Us vs. The World” motivation card. He felt his team was written off against Utah after falling behind 3-1 in the series. He thought many believed the Nuggets would get swept after losing Game 1 in lopsided fashion before rebounding to take Game 2.

Budowsky: How Biden can win the presidential debates

I will govern every day with the common values that unite the faiths of our nation, and the shared patriotism of our people that my opponent has never learned to honor. I will never lie. I will always tell the truth. I will never use race to divide our country. I will always work to […]

The Hill’s Campaign Report: Woodward’s bombshells l Biden clobbers Trump in fundraising l Democrats swamp the airwaves

Woodward’s book also contains conversations with Trump on a number of other topics. Trump told Woodward that former President Obama was “overrated” and that he didn’t think he was “smart.” The president also told Woodward that he doesn’t feel a responsibility “at all” to try have a better understanding of the pain Black Americans feel.

Testicular Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Any condition that causes abnormal development of the testicle can increase risk. These include Klinefelter’s syndrome and a condition called cryptorchidism, in which individuals have an undescended testicle. Smoking marijuana may be another risk factor. Men who smoked marijuana have a two-fold increased risk of developing testicular cancer compared with men who had never smoked […]

Clippers Rally To Take 2-1 Series Lead Over Nuggets

Leonard did a little bit of everything as he grabbed 14 rebounds and dished out six assists. He also had two blocks, including one late on a dunk attempt by Jamal Murray at the rim. Leonard’s middle finger appeared to get just enough of the ball to keep it out of the basket.

BLM protester hit by CAR in Rochester while Pittsburgh demonstrators harass restaurant diners on fiery Labor Day Weekend

Cops were called out to several marches over the weekend as racial tensions bubble over in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the deaths of Daniel Prude and George Floyd.

BLM to Elderly Couple: ‘F*** 12, and F*** the White People That Built the System’

“Fuck 12, and fuck the white people that built the system set against mine. You all did it,” said a Black Lives Matter agitator to a white elderly couple eating at a restaurant patio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He then raised his middle finger at the seniors. Video of the incident was shared on Sunday via […]