The best last minute Christmas gifts for 2020 – for both him and her

Birchbox, from £13.95 – buy here London Sock Company, from £30 – buy here Pong Pong Cheese, from £22 – buy here 2. Last-minute Christmas gifts: Next-day deliveries Thanks to the likes of Amazon Prime and Prezzybox, you can get a speedy delivery for hundreds of items – great if you’re looking for a last-minute […]

The Gotham Group Options ‘Stay Up With Hugo Best’ From Author Erin Somers

Stay Up With Hugo Best follows June Bloom, a broke, cynical 29-year-old writers’ assistant on the late-night comedy show, Stay Up with Hugo Best. Hugo Best is in his 60s and is a beloved icon of TV and humor — and a notorious womanizer. After he unexpectedly retires and a party is held for his now […]

Poonam Pandey Says Her Wedding With Sam Bombay Wasn’t A Secret; Shares Her Love Story

Poonam Pandey Says Her Wedding With Sam Bombay Wasn’t A Secret The actress revealed that that she did not mean to keep the news of her wedding with Sam under wraps. Poonam was quoted as saying, “Sam and I are the most notorious couple! The wedding had to be private considering the COVID-19 situation.

Secrets of ‘The Body’: Ageless supermodel Elle Macpherson, 56, reveals how she overhauled her figure in just ONE week

3. Sleep: Elle said she used to stay up until 2am when her kids were young, and she would think she was being really productive, but then she realised she was just depriving herself of sleep. Now, she makes sure she gets seven hours of shut-eye every single night. 

The seven best illuminators you can buy in 2020

6. KEVYN AUCOIN Glass Glow Face and Body Liquid Illuminator KEVYN AUCOIN Glass Glow Liquid Illuminator, £26 from Space NK – buy here The Kevyn Aucoin illuminator is the only product in this list which specifies that it can be used all over the body as well as the face. So if you’re after a […]

New hair, don’t care: Priyanka Chopra’s quarantine haircut will inspire you to get bangs. Here’s the secret behind her luscious mane

Eggs are great for your hair as the keep the scalp sebum in check, improve hair growth and shine, while also reducing the frizz. Honey helps smoothen out the frizz and split ends, adding shine to your hair. While curd helps clean up dandruff and flakes from your scalp, while the protein and calcium in […]

How to fake perfect brows: This $54 beauty buy has been named BEST in Australia by thousands of women

Revealed: The BEST beauty products in Australia to use in… Makeup artist, 24, reveals how she went from a size 16 to a… The rise of ‘dolphin skin’: How to get an effortlessly… Model, 28, shares the three ‘secret’ makeup tricks she…

Princess Diana buried a dead body in the palace gardens secretly, says her butler

“I’m going to tell the chief inspector that we’re going to bury a pet in the garden. Only you, I, and Rosa will know it’s a baby,” said Monckton when Burrell asked the princess how she intends to get past security.

Best silk pillowcases for a luxurious night’s sleep

2. Alaska Bear 100% Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase This pillowcase is made from 100% organic, 19 momme mulberry silk fibers and have a thread count of 600. The zipper closure is hidden ensuring it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to lay on, or so it doesn’t tangle in your hair.

Betty Who secretly got married to photographer fiancé Zak Cassar during quarantine after six years together: ‘I feel really lucky’

‘I’m still not as cool as her but I definitely learned a little something from her that lives in me now. And I won’t lie to you, it would be very full circle if I could make a budding, young queer girl feel 1/100th of the way Shane from The L Word made me feel.’