The best minivans for 2020

The Sienna is sensible and reliable, which is exactly what you’d expect from Toyota. While the basic design is fairly old, the styling still manages to look fresh. The sole available engine option is a 3.5-liter V6, which produces 296 hp and 263 pound-feet of torque, and shifts through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Toyota also […]

American Idol recap: ‘Just Sam’ blows away the judges in Hawaii as the best singers advance to the Top 20

Louis Knight, a 19-year-old pizza delivery guy from Philadelphia, went barefoot as he sang Castle on the Hill, by Ed Sheeran, which reminded him of friends he’d left behind in England and his pal Russell, who died by suicide and inspired his AI audition song.

What Are The Best Comedy Movies To Watch During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

As far as I’m concerned, there won’t ever be a coming-of-age film this great ever again. It’s the perfect movie for life as a young man. We’re all just trying to get women and party, and it almost never goes according to plan.

Spotlight: Local California business helps battle COVID-19 around world

“No one was prepared for this,” he added. “Europe is in chaos right now and the U.S., not far behind. With the type of emergency and dire circumstances that the world is in now, everyone wants their orders immediately,” he explained. “But we can only produce so many per day, even with three round-the-clock shifts.”

Start your Monday smart: Pandemic, stay home, equal pay, US census, culture online

“Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse”: A mysterious list of names is found in a dead woman’s shoe. Antiques dealer Mark Easterbrook (Rufus Sewell) is determined to find out why his name is on the list and investigations lead him to The Pale Horse — the home of a trio of rumored witches. As more people […]

‘Holiday from hell’: the Britons on coronavirus lockdown in Tenerife

“There’s no indication of whether we’ll get out when we’ve been tested or after 14 days,” he told the Guardian. “People questioned how many doctors are coming. If there’s 1,000 people, you don’t know how long it’s going to take to be tested and how they will decide in what order people are tested.”

‘Treated worse than criminals’: Australian arrivals put into quarantine lament conditions

“The hotel staff are trying to do their best and they’re being very polite, and any request they’re doing their best to accommodate. It does feel as though it’s a bit of a rush job to make a political statement that looks like the government is doing something.

Razing hell: Doom Eternal becomes fastest-selling game in the franchise

id Software’s Doom Eternal has broken the series record in opening weekends sales, as per a report by Digital Trends. Doom Eternal publisher Bethesda recently announced that the new game in the Doom series had outstripped all the previous games when it came to opening weekend sale numbers, thus becoming the fastest-selling Doom title ever. […]

Special Report: Five days of worship that set a virus time bomb in France

The prayer meeting kicked off the biggest cluster of COVID-19 in France – one of northern Europe’s hardest-hit countries – to date, local government said. Around 2,500 confirmed cases have been linked to it. Worshippers at the church have unwittingly taken the disease caused by the virus home to the West African state of Burkina […]

This Day That Year: Sachin Tendulkar’s Chancy 85 Sets up India’s Win Over Pakistan in 2011 Semi-Final

On 23, he had an lbw verdict reversed and a stumping appeal go upstairs. On 27, Tendulkar was dropped at midwicket when he pulled a low catch to Misbah-ul-Haq. Moments after Mohammad Hafeez lured Gautam Gambhir out of his crease, Tendulkar was dropped by Younis Khan at cover. Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi looked on ruefully, […]