Rock Icon Dee Snider Brings Smile To Ailing Nurse [Video]

Maybe Snider did it because he feels an affinity for the area (The singer/songwriter hosted a morning radio show on WMRQ 104.1 out of Hartford from June 1999 to August 2003), or maybe because “He just did it to be a really nice guy,” as Mary thinks. Either way, “it’s pretty awesome.”

Bob Dylan’s 50 greatest songs – ranked!

3. Idiot Wind (1975) On one level an outpouring of fury to rival anything his amphetamine-fuelled younger self came up with, yet Idiot Wind differs from Ballad of a Thin Man or Positively Fourth Street in that its author isn’t just hurling bitter accusations, he’s writhing in agony: “I haven’t known peace and quiet for […]

Coronavirus Cancellations: Festivals, Concerts, Tours, Films Affected by the Outbreak

KissWhile fans still get to see the band out on their End of the Road Tour, all meet-and-greets have been canceled due to concerns surrounding the spread of the coronavirus. “We have been advised to temporarily cancel these events given the reality that we do this nightly for a hundred or more fans,” manager Doc […]

Jeff Tweedy on ‘Star Wars,’ Bob Dylan and Wilco’s Next LP

Listening to Wilco‘s early songs like “Passenger Side” or “She‘s a Jar,” there‘s a kind of pain in your voice that a lot of people identify with. What kind of place were you in when you were writing those songs?I don’t remember my life as being dark, period. I don’t. I went through rehab; I’ve […]

‘Medicine For the Soul’: How Music Heals During A Global Pandemic

Barcelo, a marriage and family therapist with a specialty in trauma and a holistic approach, uses music on her clients suffering from depression, anxiety or PTSD. “One of the recommendations that is a MUST is to engage in any sort of musical activity — whether it’s dancing, playing it or singing — because of the […]

John Prine’s surprise gift

Our daughters grew up listening to me play John Prine songs around the house, and they often sang those songs along with me. Although I have command of only a handful of chords on the guitar, that still left most of the voluminous Prine songbook open to me. The simplicity and accessibility of Prine’s songs […]

Laura Marling: Song for Our Daughter review – the intimate album we need

In fact, it doesn’t sound much like maternal counsel at all, more like Marling talking about her own past with an appealing roll of the eyes: “Build yourself a garden and have something to attend / Cut off all relations because you couldn’t stand your friends / Oh girl, please – don’t bullshit me.” Certainly, […]