Novel Bluetooth contact tracing app for Covid-19 protects privacy

Scientists have developed a new Bluetooth contact tracing app for detecting covid-19 proximity, that they say will help epidemiologists to analyse the spread of the pandemic while fully protecting individual privacy. The DP-3T tracing system has been developed to the highest privacy standards, and is ready to deploy into an app, according to the researchers […]

How to throw a party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One really fun game is a clever take on musical chairs called “musical stumps,” which I first saw played by @samirows on Twitter. To prepare the game, plant some trees in a circle-ish formation, with one fewer tree than the number of players, then chop them down to stumps. Once the stumps are ready, have […]

New Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens Anime Debuts to Stellar Reviews

A new era is here for Yu-Gi-Oh. The trading card games continues to lure in players with its strategy, but its older anime series are what reel fans in by the hundreds. The old-school series set its path with Yugi Muto, and the new decade has decided to shake things up for the franchise. After […]

What is Instacart? How to use the grocery delivery app

Modern-day technology has made it really easy to shop from home. You can order food via your smartphone with just a few taps, you can shop for books and household supplies via online retailers such as Amazon, and now you can even have groceries delivered straight to your door. One of the most popular grocery […]

COVID-19: Police create app to monitor violators of home quarantine order

In a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus, police in Chhattisgarhs Janjgir-Champa district have created a mobile application to keep a tab on those violating the home quarantine order, an official said. Nearly 6,200 people, most of them with history of travel to foreign nations or other affected states in India, are kept under […]

Office 365 gets more apps, will now be called Microsoft 365

NEW DELHI: Microsoft has announced that it is renaming Office 365 to Microsoft 365. The refresh will be rolled out by April 21, 2020 and the company claims that it will help people make the most of their time, connect and protect the ones they love, as well as develop and grow. The company also […]

Releasing people aged 20-30 years-old who no longer live with their parents could be the best route out of lockdown and avoid an ‘extraordinary recession’, experts suggest — but at the cost of around 630 extra deaths

Coughing Sneezing Being in the same space for a long period  Touching the same surface  Social distancing also refers to limiting physical contact with each other as much as possible which has led to authorities encouraging people to work from home, avoid crowded spaces and public transport as much as possible.

Movement-Tracking App Could Be an Exit Strategy if Number of COVID-19 Infections Goes Down – Prof

Eivor Oborn: I think it really depends on how the app is presented as being used and what kind of restrictions might be placed around it. An app is just a tool, but you can use that tool in many ways in practice. The way it’s used in one country can be quite different from […]

Best Webcam For Your PC, Mac, or Chromebook in 2020

Best Buy delivery Get a great microphone delivered to your door in these trying times Whether you’re recording a remote podcast or laying a voiceover on top of your upcoming video project, it’s always good to have a reliable microphone handy. In these wild times, Best Buy is offering curbside delivery on its goods, meaning […]

‘Hearthstone’ Ashes of Outland Best Decks: Bow Down to Demon Hunter

Hearthstone Ashes of Outland Deck ListsDemon HunterStarting us off, here are two of the most consistently powerful Demon Hunter decks I’ve had the misfortune to pilot. Hearthstone pro Muzzy climbed to the top of Legend on launch day with this Demon Hunter build, utilizing the consistent power of the Demon draw engine. Though it might […]