The Boys season 2 episode 4 recap: the best episode yet

Back in the Vought tower, Homelander sees numerous internet memes mocking him while celebrating Stormfront. He confronts his new rival, insisting that he’s the face of the Seven and scores higher on every demo that counts. She tells him that his need to be loved by everyone is pathetic, which gets Homelander riled to the […]

Kool & the Gang Talk Songwriters Hall of Fame, Reunion With James ‘JT’ Taylor After 25 Years

For “Celebration,” first of all, we have to go back to “Ladies Night.” There was a ladies night in New York, I think every Wednesday. Kool [Robert “Kool” Bell] was the one who would go out and bring in information about what was going on, and the chief writing on that song was George Brown. […]

Ryley Walker Explains Why He Covered an Entire Dave Matthews Band Album

Can you imagine how annoyed Dave Matthews’ bartender must be in The Lillywhite Sessions? Jesus. Dave’s the worst kind of patron in its songs — yammering on and on to this poor bartender about his broken heart and broken spirit, wagging his fist at Heaven above. He’s not violent. The only harm he’s doing is […]

Best PlayStation VR games 2020: the PSVR games you need to play

It can be hard to strike the balance between a fast-paced motion game and one that makes you sick, especially when you’re talking about space flight sims. But Stardust Odyssey from Agharta Studios manages to do it. Blending magic and technology, Stardust Odyssey puts you in the pilot seat of a magic vessel and tasks […]

Q&A: David Byrne on his festival hit ‘American Utopia’

Byrne: Yes, that bar has been raised pretty high. But, well, time has passed. I think this show and Spike’s filming of it — it’s very different than what Jonathan did — but I think in some ways it equals it. There was a point during the filming where Spike looked up at the ceiling […]

Q&A: David Byrne on his festival hit ‘American Utopia’

Byrne: Part of the nature of the show is to be realistic but show people what’s possible. I have a little solutions-journalism project that I have called “Reasons to Be Cheerful.” We look for examples that are hopeful, people who have found solutions to problems. The show doesn’t shy away from a lot of the […]

All-Star ‘Music From The Home Front’ Charity Fundraiser Returns to No. 1 In Australia

“WAP” rules an unchanged Top 4 of “Mood” (Columbia/Sony) by 24kGoldn featuring Iann Dior; “Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat)” (Columbia/Sony) by Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo; and “Head & Heart” (Neon/Universal) by Joel Corry & MNEK, respectively; while Topic’s “Breaking Me” (Universal) featuring A7S leaps 9-5.

How Jimmy Carter (Literally) Rocked the Presidency

But another of his legacies is undeniable: Before the classic-rock- and jazz-loving Bill Clinton and the hip-hop-friendly Obama, Carter was the first American president with even a remote connection to rock and roll. Although he hadn’t grown up with the music, which didn’t exist during his teen years, the politician understood its impact and reach, […]

Fortnite Is Launching More Music Concerts. Dominic Fike Is Up First

Livestreaming as a whole has quickly evolved from a fringe novelty concept into one of the industry’s premier burgeoning marketing and performing concepts. As the pandemic continued and viewers grew tired of low-quality, smartphone-shot concerts from artists’ homes, musicians began experimenting with high-quality, premium streams. Some are taking to more standard filmed ticketed livestream platforms […]

Delta Force

T-Model’s life reads like a horror story. At the age of eight, his father beat him so badly between the legs with a piece of firewood that he lost a testicle. His ankles are scarred from the chain gang. His neck is scarred where one of his wives slashed his throat. He has been shot, […]