Google brings a new safety check feature for Pixel phones

NEW DELHI: Tech giant Google has rolled out a new set of software feathers for its Pixel smartphones. With the recently announced features, Pixel smartphones get a safety check tool, which is designed to make you feel safe when you are alone. The safety check feature enables users to schedule check-in from the app at […]

MSNBC accused of ‘cropping’ Biden’s script from photo of his virtual chat with Harris

“MSNBC cropped the photo of Joe Biden video chatting with Kamala Harris, removing Biden’s talking points from the image,” Guest tweeted. “It’s an embarrassment Biden needed talking points to talk to his own VP. Biden is clearly a puppet of the left.”

Millennials, use this uneventful summer to get your money habits on track

Clarify your goals Should your surplus savings go toward buying a new car, paying for your post-COVID wedding, or putting a down payment on your first house? If, like a lot of young Americans, you’re saving for all of these goals and more, how do you prioritize? An exercise that has helped a lot of […]

11% of coronavirus patients who lose sense of taste, smell, may suffer long term: ‘May become a chronic issue’

Doctors may conduct a number of tests on patients experiencing long-lasting symptoms of lost senses of smell and taste. Those might include asking the patient to compare different smells and observing their olfactory anatomy — i.e, the bodily structures that comprise the nose and nasal cavities — through an MRI.

How to get £30 worth of Domino’s for £15 as it offers 50% off on deliveries

Man says he’s created the perfect recipe to match Domino’s garlic dip – and it’s healthier than the real deal

Here’s why the unemployment stats seem like nonsense

We forecast a net job loss of more than 240,000 in the second half of this year. As workers become discouraged, we forecast labour force participation rates to fall further. This reduction in the labour force will provide some offset to the substantial decline in jobs, such that we forecast the unemployment rate to peak […]

Independence Week Special: Building Brand India 2.0

Incredible India’ campaigns have often told us the picturesque and cultural stories of India. From featuring sweeping shots of Nilgiris, Rann of Kutch, to smiling faces of monks and incredibly flexible yoga instructors, over the years, brand India has been mainly focusing on the diversity narrative while talking about itself to the outside world. However, […]

Do New Zealand workers need an national income insurance scheme?

We could just change current benefit system. For example, the system could be set up to pay people made redundant a higher proportion of their lost wage for a period of time after they are made redundant, so they could afford to retrain.

Reviving the Cold War is Anachronistic – Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng’s Exclusive Interview with

Do not lie – that is the most basic norm for the general public, let alone key government officials and senior diplomats. You may dissent, disgruntle, and object, or just make no comment. But you may not ignore facts and churn out rumors. Some US politicians, however, are telling packs of lies, particularly when it […]

Michael Goodwin: Kamala Harris an underwhelming pick for vice president

Harris had, in effect, one good sound bite, “That little girl was me,” and one good debate. After that, she became a target and quickly wilted over charges from also-ran Tulsi Gabbard that she had been an overly aggressive prosecutor in California on relatively minor marijuana cases.