Doctors call for more staff at ‘chronically under-resourced’ Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Key pointsMore than 200 doctors have signed a letter calling for urgent help into staffing levelsThe Salaried Medical Officers Association said no significant action has been takenBut a Women’s and Children’s Hospital spokesperson said extra resources have been put in place

This Kuchipudi dancer appeals for empathy towards doctors fighting Coronavirus

Deepika who runs her Kuchipudi school Deepanjali, and is now busy with household chores and is spending quality time with the family. “My son returned from the U.S. and his quarantine period got over. As a precautionary measure we kept him in self quarantine in his room for 14 days. We have to be responsible […]

Doctor Who: It’s Time For a Black, Asian, or Woman Doctor

Capaldi, who stars in Inside the Mind of Leonardo 3D, a Da Vinci biopic released in theaters next week, said it was a unique experience to take on the role of the doctor; immediately millions of people think they share a long personal history with you. “People are surprised to find themselves in the street […]

‘Broadchurch’ Is Great TV for Fans of ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Doctor Who,’ and ‘Prime Suspect’

And addictive it is. Creator Chris Chibnall (Doctor Who, Torchwood) is a canny storyteller, doling out unsettling details about his characters so selectively, and with such a precise sense of timing, that we can’t help but play the game he wants us to play: constantly guessing the killer’s identity, and constantly getting it wrong. In […]

As the U.S. Abdicates Its Global Leadership Role, Poor Nations Fighting Coronavirus May Turn to China as Their Next Best Hope

But all of these things are privileges of the wealthy. Workers living hand to mouth cannot afford to stay at home, and poor states with weak institutions cannot afford to pay them to. Some leaders will not even want to—Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is the most obvious example of a leader who has repeatedly dismissed […]

If You Are Expecting a Child, Doctors Suggest Being Extra Cautious Amid COVID-19

“This is because pregnancy suppresses a person’s immune system. Additionally, in the later stages of pregnancy, the foetus and uterus can start squashing other organs, including the lungs. As a result, some areas of the lungs become less able to circulate air, leaving them more prone to infection”, She told Sputnik. What Should One Do […]

A doctor in the House

To be fair, as in any curate’s egg, there are some good parts, but the yolk of the matter is rather small. Two chapters in the section on “case histories” are truly rich; here, the writing suddenly becomes fluid and the author authoritative. Owen studied the medical records of John F Kennedy at the Kennedy […]

The Rationing of Care May Lead to Lawsuits Against Doctors. Here is What We Should Do to Protect Them | Opinion

The nature of this pandemic makes the task of obtaining public trust even harder, because hospitals have been forced to limit or even entirely eliminate visitors in order to reduce risk of transmitting the virus. When family members cannot be at the bedside, sharing the doctor-patient conversations about medical options and observing for themselves the […]

COVID-19 | Importance of street-level bureaucracy to fight the pandemic

There are still a few measures that could be undertaken to help street-level bureaucrats. First, ensure and stockpile hazmat suits for delivery boys/girls to protect them. China did this in Wuhan where couriers are being relied on for food delivery and medical supplies. It is important for India to ensure that supply chains are running, […]

Boris Johnson ‘given oxygen to help his breathing’ after arriving in hospital for coronavirus tests

She tweeted on Saturday night: “I haven’t needed to be tested and, after seven days of rest, I feel stronger and I’m on the mend. Being pregnant with ­Covid-19 is obviously worrying.”