These are the online communities we will never forget

Lee Hutchinson: Thanks for calling tech support, how can I kill you? My formative Internet years were the mid 1990s, when the Web was still growing and the vast majority of companies didn’t have an Internet presence. USENET was still flourishing back in those days, though the cancer of spam that would eventually choke the […]

Coronavirus live updates: Number of SF inmates down by nearly half

8:27 p.m. San Francisco delays property-tax deadline to May 4. San Francisco has pushed back the deadline for paying the second installment of this year’s property taxes without a penalty from April 10 until May 4, the first business day after San Francisco’s shelter-in-place order ends. “Taxpayers who are unable to pay by this date […]

A Management Company Emailed Hundreds Of Tenants, Demanding They Pay The Rent. It Backfired.

Stephanie B. said that DC tenants have already started to organize in ways that others can learn from: One building demanded rent forgiveness in April and got it from their landlords. Tenants in a luxury building are drafting a letter to receive a 10% reduction, in part because some of the amenities, like pools, are […]

Attackers use latest technologies to trick bank clients for money

Related articlePeople like being smart. In banking and insurance tooRead more In general, Eset has not seen a big difference in terms of the forms of cyberattacks on online banking over the last two to three years. Attackers try to steal credentials either by infecting the device of the user or by phishing, i.e. luring individuals […]

HBO and AMC Are Offering Free Streams for Folks Stuck Inside

A one-time poultry farmer invents the future of refrigeration Rivian wants to bring electric trucks to the masses Tiger King is cruel and appalling—so why are we all watching it? This is not the apocalypse you were looking for The “surreal” frenzy inside the US’ biggest mask maker 👁 Why can’t AI grasp cause and […]

Coronavirus live updates: Patients rush to join tests of drug made by Bay Area’s Gilead

10:37 a.m. Bay Area man dies from COVID-19 after waiting hours for ambulance in Florida, family says: A South San Francisco man died late Saturday night from COVID-19 after waiting more than 4 hours for an ambulance from the Coral Princess cruise ship, the latest in a string of vessels to get infected by the […]

AP FACT CHECK: Trump, ‘wartime’ pandemic leader or ‘backup’?

TRUMP: “So we have more cases than anybody, but we’re doing really well, and we also have a very low — relative to other countries — very low mortality rate. And there are reasons for that.” — interview Monday with “Fox & Friends.”

Ex-Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner slammed for sharing 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory

According to the HuffPost, Dr. Georges C. Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association said: “COVID-19 is caused by a virus that came through a natural animal source and has no relation to 5G or any radiation linked to technology.”

Cloud, Surface are the highlights of Microsoft’s $23.8 billion quarter

In all, the numbers told a story that is by now familiar: the cloud is strong, but the PC market is hurting. The collapse in phone sales is an inevitable consequence of the scaled back ambitions, incomplete product line-up, and problematic software support. The Surface story looks happier; after initial stumbles, the hardware seems to […]

UK government slams ‘crackpot’ 5G-coronavirus theories following mast arson attacks

Coronavirus Updates Latest News from the CDC Critical IT policies and tools (TechRepublic) Vicious COVID-19 malware destroys your PC for sport, not profit Microsoft to take most of its events for the next year digital-only COVID-19 mapped: Azure-powered tool IDs most vulnerable populations Startups shift gears to help in COVID-19 fight Researchers: Cats and dogs […]