Social Distancing Is Hard When You Live With Roommates

How is this going to work? I thought, feeling a combined pang of frustration and dread. Living with roommates and navigating their schedules, personalities, and relationships is hard enough at the best of times. Living with roommates in the middle of a pandemic threatens to be excruciating: What people are being asked to do now—avoid […]

The best sitcoms to stream right now

How I Met Your Mother Arguably the best sitcom about a group of 20-something friends since, well, Friends, this series, which aired on CBS from 2005 to 2014, is told in the form of flashbacks by Ted Mosby to his teenage children as he recounts the events that led to him meeting their mother. The […]

Homeless during a pandemic: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s coronavirus podcast for April 2

Routhier: We have vans going now to folks on the streets handing out hot meals. But because we are still operating and one of the few people that are, the number of people that are coming to us is has vastly increased. And so we’re seeing the dire need on the streets every single night. […]

Op-Ed: Dispatches from the pandemic: coronavirus togetherness, a nightly ritual, keeping focus in the ER

We reached sexual maturity in the sweet spot between the introduction of the pill and the onset of AIDS. We turned everything that had once been metal and wood and fabric into colorful, lightweight, easy-to-care-for plastic. Free time became a right and we filled it with all the pleasure and convenience we could manage. We […]

He survived COVID-19. He’s broke. But he thinks America is overreacting

At a Circle K gas station, he watched a man put on surgical gloves to go to the restroom, take off the gloves when he came out, wipe his hands down with baby wipes, pump gas and then wipe his hands with baby wipes again.