Explore the world: 10 of the best maps for children

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures: Step Into a Prehistoric World, £20 Palaeontology meets cartography in this atlas that is perfect for any dinosaur-obsessed child. It is by the award-winning team behind Atlas of Animal Adventures and Lucy Leatherland’s inky illustrations make the book a joy to look at. It covers the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods […]

The best free educational apps for kids

These two apps from Duck Duck Moose have similar functionality but different themes. Draw and Tell is more general, while Superhero Comic Book Maker has monsters and caped crusaders. Both let kids scribble away with digital markers and crayons, but also use stickers and color in drawings. They can save any creations they’re particularly proud […]

How Russia won the World Cup

Despite growing signs that the odds were stacked against it, England had rented two suites at the Baur au Lac and flown in its “Three Lions”– prime minister David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham – to make a final appeal. Then, in a bit of encouraging news for the English delegation, word came that […]

20 of the best indoor family activities for half-term

National Wool Museum, Carmarthenshire Wool was once big business in the Teifi valley, west Wales, and these restored mill buildings near Newcastle Emlyn weave together the threads of the story. Families can learn about the process from fleece to fabric on the Woolly Trail, watch demonstrations on the historic looms, then try their hand at […]

20 of the best outdoor family days out for half-term

Deer safari, Norfolk The Holkham estate on the north Norfolk coast is famous for its fallow deer. Autumn is rutting season, and on certain dates in October a deer safari by tractor-trailer gets visitors up close to the herd. There are also bikes to hire to explore the 3,000-acre park’s cycle trails, and a woodland […]

Did Second Most Powerful Man at Top Catholic Order Sexually Abuse Teenage Boy?

The Legion proclaimed its loyalty to the pope, and, in fathomless irony, compared Maciel to Christ for accepting his punishment with “tranquility of conscience.” It was a tortured exercise in semantics all around: the Vatican sending Maciel into penitential life without sspecifying what he had done, and singling out the Legion and Regnum Christi for […]

Book World: The turbulent lives of six brothers with schizophrenia

Kolker, author of “Lost Girls,” about the murders of four sex workers, plies his craft as an investigative journalist and explorer of the less-traveled corners of humanity to individually chronicle the lives of all 14 Galvins. He takes the reader through the family’s history, beginning with the refined Mimi, a daughter of Texas aristocracy who […]

How Björk broke the sound barrier

The possibility of such a consensus now seems remote. The musical landscape teems with genres: classical, jazz, folk, blues, gospel, country, Latin, R&B, funk, soul, hip-hop, rock, metal, punk, pop and dozens of national and regional varieties. Recording technology has surely fuelled this explosion of typologies: once a piece of music becomes a circulating commodity, […]

Jaws 4K Release Confirmed for June Debut

The prop’s regular malfunctions led to the film running over budget and over schedule, while also preventing Spielberg from utilizing footage of the shark, as so little was ultimately usable. Interestingly, it was the film’s refusal to show audiences the beast that created such a frightening adventure, forcing our minds to conjure up images of […]

Latest covid-19 news in Vietnam and Southeast Asia on April 7 (updated hourly)

However, he noted that the US side has strict quality requirements for imported medical products. Therefore, he asked Vietnamese businesses to follow instructions from the Government and related ministries, especially the Ministries of Public Health, and Industry and Trade, on regulations related to the export of medical equipment and face masks, and at the same […]