Barry Diller’s IAC rolls dice with $1 billion stake in casino giant MGM

IAC has been actively mixing up its portfolio lately. The company completed its sale of Match (MTCH) shares last month after announcing plans to do so in December. IAC also agreed in December to buy, a company that helps people find caregivers and housekeepers, for $500 million. IAC also owns digital content brand DotDash […]

Lucky Star: Madonna boasts how she made it with just ‘$35 dollars and a dream’ long before ‘Instagram, Twitter or TikTok’… in inspirational throwback

While her rags-to-riches fable has been told many times, it has also been contested by her brother Christopher Ciccone, who claimed in his acid-tongued tell-all ‘Life with My Sister Madonna’, that she actually had a lot more money, and a plethora of contacts at her disposal. 

Michigan’s casinos remain closed. Unemployment freezes are leaving some workers desperate

Robin Ryan has worked as a poker dealer for more than 20 years. She received a letter last month from Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) asking her to verify her identity. On Wednesday she received benefits for the first time in weeks, when she said she received two weeks’ worth of checks of the eight […]

Sharon Stone gives sound advice on how to create a panic room at home during the riots: ‘The safest bet might be your bathroom’

‘If you feel like you might get broken into or you have nowhere else to go, especially if you’re trying to self-quarantine and you want to take a cooler, you want to put water in there and a few, you know, non-perishable things that you can eat, some fruit or some protein bars and you […]

Jurgen Klopp delighted by ‘big statement’ as Liverpool begin redevelopment of training facilities

“It’s been discussed as a club for a long period of time but I think where modern football is today in the Premier League, the facilities you need, we needed to make a decision and this clearly is the right decision to bring everyone together,” he said.

VP Contender Elizabeth Warren Raises Millions for Biden’s Campaign Despite Demonizing Big Fundraisers

According to Politico, Warren has also assisted Biden by sending out emails to her small-donor list. Yet, during the presidential primary, Warren blasted high-dollar fundraisers, constantly touting the power of her small, grassroots movement and taking aim at her competitors — like former Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) — for courting big donors, as she also […]

Peter Diamandis Is the Latest Tech Futurist Betting on Anti-Aging Stem Cells

Peter Diamandis’ ambitions have always been too big for the measly planet onto which he was born. The serial entrepreneur built his first dozen companies as technological launch pads for future space colonies. But in more recent years, the founder of the X Prize Foundation has become increasingly interested in helping humans live their healthiest, […]

Piers Morgan mocks wife Celia’s enormous beach bag that’s so big it covers her entire body

Amanda Holden pokes fun at Piers Morgan as fans ask him to take a photo of them with her

Covid-19 Drug Research Is a Big Huge Mess

Yes. Well, they could have. Researchers across multiple medical centers could have done just what Wang proposes here, recruited thousands of patient-volunteers and then randomly assigned them to get either a treatment or not (that’d be a control group), with neither scientists nor participants knowing who was getting what until they look at the final […]

RN 74 review: Great dishes, but something’s off

I also loved the degustation de pommes de terre ($18), although the garnish of a thin strip of cracker topped with uni, radishes and a few greens seemed to do little to enhance what was underneath- a rich combination of mashed potatoes, with precise dices of potatoes and a mince of black trumpet mushrooms and […]