‘Tyranny Over History And Public Memory’: A Historian Explains The Impact Of Mob Destruction Of Statues

“Taking down Grant or Washington seems to be based on a wholesale rejection of the American republic’s civil order. I like Washington, and even though I’m a southerner, I like Grant because I like the fact that slavery was defeated. I like the United States, for all its imperfections, and I think statues of Grant […]

Runa Mackay obituary

After 20 years in Palestinian hospitals, she helped to set up the Galilee Society of Health, Research and Service, and worked as a district medical officer for the Israeli health ministry, trying to improve conditions for Palestinians living in the villages surrounding Nazareth.

The UK’s exam results farce only deepens the inequality between private and state pupils

Yet that isn’t the only measure they could have considered: for the purposes of the ceaseless measurement that has become the hallmark of state education, secondary schools have a “value added” score, to mark how good their actual teaching is, as distinct from the advantages of their intake. It relies on a comparison between SAT […]

French city tells shoppers: wear masks outside or pay fine

LILLE, France (Reuters) – French Prime Minister Jean Castex urged people not to let down their guard in the fight against COVID-19 on Monday, the day one of France’s biggest cities ordered people to wear masks outdoors in busy pedestrian streets.

This Week In Virtual Book Events: August 10-16

Suzanne Park, author of Loathe at First Sight; Alisha Rai, author of Girl Gone Viral; Mia Sosa, author of The Worst Best Man; and HelenKay Dimon, author of The Secrets She Keeps; in conversation with Megan Corbett — hosted by Mysterious Galaxy, 4 p.m. PT, more info.

Stoneman Douglas HS to Present ‘ ROCKIN’ Midsummer Night’s Dream

“More important, however, is that in Shakespeare’s adored masterpiece, love (and the occasional magical botanical) has the potential to restore order out of chaos. This theme of restoration would resonate anywhere in the world, but certainly in no places more than Newtown, CT and Parkland, FL. In the first scene of the play, Hermia says, […]

Why History matters: Need for the reinstatement of its study in Nigerian schools

I can be of Nigerian parents from Borno but born and brought up in Sweden, for instance, in which case my being a “national” of Nigeria will definitely be at a different level of understanding from those of my parents. In this case, what they understand as “nationhood” in the physical and psychological sense may […]

Witch hunts: A global problem in the 21st century

Thérèse Mema Mapenzi says that trying to help those on the receiving end of this ire is a difficult task, especially in the absence of legal protection: “In Congolese law, witchcraft is not recognized as a violation of the law because there is no evidence you can produce. Unfortunately, the people have therefore developed their […]

‘Monumental temple complex’ dating back to Iron Age discovered, researchers confirm

Researchers have looked at Navan Fort previously, both in the 1960s, as Gleeson alluded to, and in the 1990s. So far, they’ve uncovered what are known as “figure-of-eight buildings,” including one that is 130 feet tall, making it the largest structure ever found in prehistoric Ireland, Gleeson told LiveScience.

FMIA: 2020 NFL Training Camp In A Pandemic—A Day In Life Of Texans

The officials make a deal. In a deal with the league announced Sunday, the NFL officials union got significant protection for its members. Any of the 117 NFL officials has until Thursday to opt-out of the 2020. If an official opts out, that official will receive a payment of $30,000 and be assured of retaining […]