Dictionary.com’s new definitions help create a better world

Language doesn’t just help us communicate, it is an important part of how we understand the world. The definitions that are given to words affect how we perceive them and popular phases show social attitudes and shape our understanding of the world. As social norms change, language needs to as well and the lexicographers at […]

Five-and-a-half-year-old girl climbs 5 forts in a day, sets world record

A senior kindergarten student at Ryan International School in Nerul, Harshiti achieved the feat on January 26. Accompanied by her parents, Kaviraj and Nivedita, Harshiti started the trek at 5.30 a.m. from Shrivardhan fort and covered Manaranjan fort, Visapur fort, and Lohagad fort before finishing her journey at the top of Tikona fort at 4.30 […]

‘I literally weep’: anguish as New Zealand’s National Library culls 600,000 books

Some 625,000 books are now in the process of being “rehomed”, as the library puts it, but the mass cull has caused despair among the country’s academics, historians, researchers and scholars, who say a literary crime is taking place in a year when many New Zealanders are distracted by the global pandemic.

A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor – review

Neil MacGregor has been director of the British Museum for eight years now, and in that period he has presided over a truly startling transformation in its image. What was previously seen as something of a national embarrassment, a monument to British rapacity and taste for plunder, is now regarded with pride, and even devotion, […]

Like Christmas: New Zealand’s post-Covid books boom

Auē, winner of the Ockham award, remains the best-selling New Zealand novel, according to Nielsen; with Shayne Carter’s memoir and Elizabeth Knox’s The Absolute Book remaining popular, as well as older New Zealand classics such as Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries.

Eat, Pray, Love author nominated for £30,000 Wellcome book prize

Alongside Gilbert, Oliver Sacks was picked for his investigation into hallucinations, auditory, visual, tactile and olfactory; Emily Mayhew for her homage to those who cared for the British soldiers wounded at the western front; Adam Rutherford for his account of the synthetic biology revolution; and Andrew Solomon for Far from the Tree, in which he […]

Cat Deeley’s book of joy

In between danceIn June this year, Deeley announced that the 17th season of So You Think You Can Dance had been cancelled because of pandemic-related restrictions. Understandably, the fans, much like Deeley, were also heartbroken. For the 15 seasons that she’s been a part of the show, it’s been a source of constant happiness in […]

Wellcome book prize goes to Andrew Solomon’s Far From the Tree

Motion said that the greatest strength of Solomon’s winning title was “to combine proper scholarly objectivity with a sense of intimate connection – and to do so in ways that allow for the creation of distinct categories and clear conclusions, while at the same time admitting contradictions and exceptions. It is, in other words, a […]

Henrietta Lacks’s legacy lives on as Rebecca Skloot wins medical book prize

Lacks was a poor African-American tobacco farmer from Virginia, who died at 31 and is buried in an unmarked grave. Yet the cells taken from her without her knowledge in an era of experimentation on African-Americans – the HeLa cells as they became known – have since replicated in research laboratories around the world, helping […]

Trump knew exactly how serious Covid-19 is, but downplayed it: Book

“This will be the biggest national security threat you face in your presidency,” national security adviser Robert O’Brien told Trump during an Oval Office meeting on January 28, Woodward writes in the book, Rage, according to The Washington Post, where Woodward works as an associate editor. “This is going to be the roughest thing you […]