Dictionary.com’s new definitions help create a better world

Language doesn’t just help us communicate, it is an important part of how we understand the world. The definitions that are given to words affect how we perceive them and popular phases show social attitudes and shape our understanding of the world. As social norms change, language needs to as well and the lexicographers at […]

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Hails ‘Sacred Combat Mission,’ Gets Warm Words from World Leaders

Kim is relying on his country’s massive military to assist in clean-up and recovery efforts. He called on personnel to “work with devotion for our great people, great Party and great state as befits the reliable revolutionary armed forces of the WPK and thus successfully complete their sacred combat mission” ahead of January’s gathering, or […]

On World Suicide Prevention Day, celebs bring the focus on mental health

In a world where passing judgement on others, without confirming facts is worryingly becoming the norm, people often refrain from discussing their issues. “In India, it’s easy for us to call someone ‘pagal’ or ‘mad’; we don’t realise what the other person is going through or how it might affect someone. We still need awareness, […]

Royal Row: Denmark’s Prince Henrik Is Still Really Angry That His Wife Has a Better Title Than Him

But maybe the queen should have thought twice before making the commission, given Henrik’s past form. In 2002, he ran away to France to “reflect” after the couple’s son, Crown Prince Frederik, was granted a higher status than Henrik at a new year’s reception. Henrik said at the time he felt “pushed aside, degraded and […]

ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights urged to better performance

Hanoi (VNA) – Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh chaired the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Interface with ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) Representatives that was held online on September 10. The ministers praised the commission’s efforts in implementing the 2016-2020 work plan, saying they have approved the work plan for 2021-2025 […]

Palestinians Regroup, Tell Arab World Not to Deal with Israel Before Peace

“Rather than recognizing that reality and focusing on reaching a realistic compromise with Israel that will build a better future for Israelis and Palestinians alike, unfortunately, these leaders remain mired in their rejectionism and stuck in the past,” Dermer said. “As the circle of peace expands to other countries in the Arab and Muslim world, […]

Inside mind of ‘world’s worst serial killer’ dubbed ‘The Beast’ who butchered 400 kids

Garavito only accepts food and drink from a few guards that he trusts because he fears being poisoned, and he rarely agrees to leave his cell. It is said he spends his time making earrings and necklaces, and is relaxed and chatty with guards.

Chinese NGO helping Nepal in poverty fight

After the massive earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the Chinese foundation, like many other nonprofit organizations, sent a team of volunteers to the South Asian nation to provide assistance in rescue efforts and disaster relief. The foundation, the only Chinese nonprofit organization registered in Nepal, continues to carry out poverty reduction programs today.

Crackdown on NGOs worries US

Accusing the government’s actions to regulate Non-Governmental Organisations including the Ford Foundation and Greenpeace International of having a “chilling effect” on civil society, U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma, said that India and the U.S. must find an understanding over the issue. “I read with some concern the recent press reports on challenges faced by […]

Ford Foundation taken off watch list

Ford Foundation, which has been operating in India since 1952 was not registered either as an NGO or under any other category like the Indian Society Act till now. It applied under FEMA and got registered as a branch office by the Reserve Bank of India in December 2015