Beyonce and Jay-Z’s twins Rumi and Sir, 3, make rare appearance in famous singer’s new visual album Black Is King

That was not the only appearance for the Grammy winner’s eldest daughter, 8, as she can also be seen smiling at the camera in another scene that finds her wearing a white dress with pearls wrapped around her neck while donning red lipstick.

Adele shows off her seven stone weight loss in a moon-print top as she goes makeup-free to support pal Beyonce’s visual album Black Is King

The duo originally announced their split last April. The Blast obtained documents pertaining to Adele’s situation, and reports that she ‘is willing to settle up on finances in mediation and have indicated they have worked out a custody arrangement.’  

Rachael Ray reveals how she sent Rachel Roy ‘a big bottle of wine and a straw’ after Beyonce’s Becky brouhaha

‘[It was] hilarious. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I was like, “Are you kidding me? I’m even mentioned in the same sentence as these people? That’s insane. That’s awesome,”‘ Rachael told Us Weekly.

‘I thought it was hilarious’: Rachael Ray finally responds after being mistaken for Beyonce’s ‘Becky With The Good Hair’

‘Not judging any of what was going on within it. … I do not spend my time gossiping about people, because if I don’t sleep with you, and if I’m not related to you, then I truly don’t care how you live your life.’

Adele matches outfits with Beyoncé to praise singer’s visual album ‘Black Is King’

“We all got to see another side of you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that. All us artists adore you. You are our light,” she continued. ”The way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my Black friends feel is empowering, and you make them stand […]

Adele Matches Beyonce’s Outfit in ‘Black is King,’ Gives Shout-Out

As for Beyonce’s new film … it’s the talk of the town right now. They say it’s a companion piece to the rebooted ‘Lion King’ — and it features tons of striking images, performances, costumes and songs. It’s like the new ‘Lemonade’ — but carries way more weight in light of what’s been going on […]

What’s Your Favorite Beyoncé Album of All Time? Vote!

Bey also gave her 2016 album Lemonade the visual album treatment, which spoke to the personal and societal betrayal and mistreatment of Black women. But she documented her own journey of becoming the first Black woman to headline Coachella in 2018 in the 2019 Netflix concert film Homecoming and paired it with HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM, filled with renditions of […]

Adele ‘Worships’ Beyoncé Harder Than You

I’m not late on this I’ve just been speechless. Beyonce is the most inspiring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of worshipping. Her talent, beauty, grace and work ethic are all in a league of their own. I appreciate you so much! Thank god for Beyoncé X

Adele Broke her Grammy in Half — to Give Half to Beyoncé

Adele made it pretty clear that winning the award for Album of the Year at the Grammys didn’t necessarily sit well with her, because for Adele, Lemonade was the obvious winner. And though the “Hello” singer spent much of her speech thanking Beyoncé (and asking her to be her mommy), she went into even more […]

Black Is King: Beyonce’s new film is supreme black art

The voyage feels even more special during the current state of the world, as the black experience has been looked at closely in the wake of the many deaths of black people, and the Black Lives Matter movement that continues to protest racism and inequality.