Trump’s tolerance for protesters goes only as far as his base

The first protest took place on April 30 when primarily white protesters, many carrying assault weapons, crowded into the Michigan Capitol to demonstrate against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s closure of the state’s businesses to combat Covid-19. These protesters screamed into the faces of police officers and loudly chanted to be let onto the floor of […]

Spirit Molecules: Allies for Healing from Trauma

Trauma alters consciousness and it is no surprise that upwards of 70 percent of people with PTSD self-medicate to the point of addiction at some point in their lives. Many more use substances but do not become addicted. Substance use intersects both the natural human urge for inner exploration with the need to suppress unpleasant states. Plants […]

Damon Friedman: What this wounded warrior learned about recovery can guide nation that needs healing

Dr. Damon Friedman, a decorated veteran of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, recently retired from the Air Force as a lieutenant colonel in special operations after beginning his military career in the Marine Corps. He is the founder of SOF Missions, which works with veterans with PTSD, and the author of the book “Igniting Movements,” […]

A white mob destroyed Tulsa’s “Black Wall Street” a century ago. Descendants still feel the trauma.

Archaeologists are planning an excavation in July of what they believe is a mass grave, evidence of one of the worst race massacres in U.S. history. The 1921 Tulsa Massacre, which for decades was forgotten by history, saw the Oklahoma neighborhood of Greenwood, then known as “Black Wall Street,” burned to the ground.

This old but innovative form of real estate deal could help heal segregated cities

A history of working together Local governments have formed several kinds of partnerships with community land trusts. In June, the city of Seattle announced it would transfer a decommissioned fire station to the Africatown Community Land Trust, saying “we understand the urgency behind making bold investments in the Black community and increasing community ownership of […]

ANDREW DOYLE: Now that BLM has gone mainstream our children are being brainwashed by a divisive new dogma that I fear will stoke, not heal, racial tensions

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote that ‘there is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five’. He was right. This explains why the genre of woke children’s literature is thriving.

For God’s Sake

According to TMZ, the Bible was signed just days after federal officers deployed gas canisters and flash-bang grenades at peaceful protesters in early June who were in Lafayette Park, which is located just outside of the White House.  The violent clearing of demonstrators was done to clear a path so the president could walk over […]

Autistic 13-year-old Linden Cameron in serious condition after police shot him ‘several times’ during ‘mental episode’

Salt Lake Mayor Erin Mendenhall said in a statement on Sunday: “While the full details of this incident are yet to be released as an investigation takes place, I will say that I am thankful this young boy is alive and no one else was injured.

As U.S. schools reopen, concerns grow that kids spread coronavirus

Schools across the country are trying out a wide range of strategies to reopen, from all online classes to all in person. They are asking whether reopening schools with stringent mitigation measures is worth the risk to students, families and educators, given that keeping schools closed will likely harm academic progress, social and emotional development, […]

Decorated Iraq War veteran denied community supervision, facing 5 years in prison for pot possession

Worsley was deployed in Iraq during the most intense days of “the Surge” from 2006 to 2007. He cleared roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices as a combat engineer. He ultimately received a Purple Heart and a 100% disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs, a traumatic brain injury and PTSD expected to last […]