Air Pollution From California Wildfires in Some Regions ‘Unprecedented’

Suzanne E. Paulson, Director, Center for Clean Air at the University of California at Los Angeles, said the wildfires are having an “enormous impact” on pollution for areas downwind. “There are so many fires burning, and they are taking a long time to control, so populations in many directions from the fires are being impacted,” […]

Cabinet steps up air pollution controls

Wednesday’s meeting called for structural adjustments in energy, industries and transport, with measures to boost the clean use of coal and expedite the transformation of industries producing steel, coke, petrochemicals and construction materials. The shipment of commodities by railway and the use of new-energy cargo vehicles in urban delivery services will be significantly increased.

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

The result of official inaction is that air pollution has barely improved in 20 years and legal limits for NO2 are being regularly breached in most urban areas. Government does not expect EU targets to be met until 2025 in London and 2020 in the West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Glasgow, West Yorkshire, Teesside, the Potteries, […]

Supreme court may force UK to act on air pollution

According to Defra’s website, “moderate to high” levels of air pollution will continue to hang across much of England due to dry and still weather conditions heightening local pollution. It blames heavy traffic and pollution blown over from Europe and the Sahara.

What is China doing to tackle its air pollution?

“We have particles that have a diameter smaller than a virus. Human hair is very big compared to these. The larger ones will be deposited into the lung – that’s the biggest worry. But recent scientific evidence shows that when the particles are small enough they go into the bloodstream, they can go directly into […]

EESL’s EVs reduce air pollution, mitigate 5,604 tonne of CO2 emissions

Energy Efficiency Service Ltd (EESL) on Wednesday said the electric vehicles deployed by the company have helped reduce air pollution and mitigate 5,604 tonne of CO2 emissions. EESL is combating air pollution in the nation by driving India’s e-mobility transition. In line with the #iCommit initiative launched by Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister […]

Medical Experts Discuss Health Risks Presented By Wednesday Smoke-Choked Skies

Smoke-Choked Skies Cast Eerie Dark Orange Glow Over Bay Area As Wildfire Ash Falls From Above Bear Fire Update: 3 Dead, A Dozen Still Missing In Huge NorCal Wildfire Creek Fire: Wall Of Flames Roars Into China Peak; Fire Grows To More Than 163,000 Acres; At Least 365 Structures Destroyed The orange ominous skies can […]

Damage from whopper hurricanes rising for many reasons

America and the world are getting more frequent and bigger multibillion dollar tropical catastrophes like Hurricane Laura, which is menacing the U.S. Gulf Coast, because of a combination of increased coastal development, natural climate cycles, reductions in air pollution and man-made climate change, experts say.

These Air Purifiers Help Rid Your Home of Smoke, Dust and Harmful Allergens

Ionization: This feature allows a purifier to charge air with electricity to attract particles down to .1 microns in size. Unfortunately this has two side effects: humans aren’t supposed to breathe ionized air, so it could irritate your lungs, and it puts off pollutants that damage the ozone layer. California banned air purifiers with ionization for […]

Upgrade current emissions testing procedures: CSE

NEW DELHI: The current practice of pollution under control (PUC) is “rudimentary and ineffective”, a green body has said while asking the government to take steps to upgrade the current emissions testing procedures and make vehicle manufacturers liable for emissions performance.