Affluence biggest threat to world, not coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s the answer

Nature knows how to put a check on human greed, and from time to time, it gives a message that this greed is temporary and no greed can last long before nature. We can take the example of Alexander the Great, who about 2400 years ago established a city called Alexandria in Egypt which became […]

Bild, Merkel and the culture wars: the inside story of Germany’s biggest tabloid

Bild’s main attack targets remain Germany’s “Gutmenschen” – the do-gooders, vegetarians, Greens and 1968ers who are treated as parasites and irritants to Germany’s robust economy and middle class. More recently, the paper’s sights have also turned on Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). “The paper’s constant targeting of Merkel, but also its […]

Transcript: Dr. Richard Besser on “Face the Nation,” July 19, 2020

DR. BESSER: Well, if we’re not intentional about making sure that doesn’t happen, it will happen. The dea- the death rate for blacks, Latinos, Native Americans far surpasses their proportion of the population. And if you look at how we fund schools in America, most of it’s done off property taxes. So wealthy communities are […]

Interview: Pritam Kotal aims to represent India at a World Cup in future

Vishal Sharma is a Delhi based sports journalist. An enthusiast who loves to travel and explore things around. He analysis sports and observe in-depth manner. He is a news and features writer on several online publications. His life is all around sports. Some of his hobbies are blogging, singing, research, travelling and meet geeks. He […]

Under New CEO, Tata Communications bets on platform of digital solutions in post Covid world

Tata Communications is transforming itself into a digital platforms solutions provider from a products company under new CEO Amur S Lakshminarayanan, who took over nine months back. Speaking to ET in his first media interaction since taking over, Lakshminarayanan though said that Covid-19 has impacted its deal pipeline, delaying conversions and is hopeful that the […]

‘The country is adrift’: echoes of Spanish flu as Brazil’s Covid-19 catastrophe deepens

“Brazil’s situation is so worrying and so unique because if you look at the path the epidemic took – from China, through Asia, and then Europe and on to the US – Brazil was its first encounter with a country suffering from the kind of severe social inequality ours does.”

Singapore’s ruling party holds on to power but faces setback amidst election during Covid-19 pandemic

Lee said his People’s Action Party secured 83 parliamentary seats, retaining its overwhelming majority with 89 per cent of the total seats, but its popular vote dipped to 61 per cent. The Workers’ Party, the only opposition with a presence in Parliament, increased its seats from six to 10 – the biggest victory for the […]

A new world order for the coronavirus era is emerging

By Alan Crawford In July 1945, at the close of World War II, the leaders of the U.S., Great Britain and the Soviet Union gathered at a Prussian royal palace in Potsdam outside the conquered German capital to hammer out the new global order. The seeds were sown for the Cold War. As visitors in […]

Tories CUT UP their membership cards as party splits over face masks… while Michael Gove pops to Pret without wearing one despite saying it’s ‘basic good manners’ to do so – before they become mandatory from July 24

Jools Cardozo, who runs Farringdon and Forbes Home Interiors in Leamington Spa, said: ‘Our high streets are near deserted, businesses are being forced to close and now the government want to tighten that last nail in the coffin by imposing that all shoppers wear face masks! How utterly ludicrous. I am all for the safety […]

Face the Nation Transcript September 18, 2016: King, Kaine, Conway, Priebus

MARCUS: I’m just going to disagree with Reihan on the question of whether this is an issue that could affect voters who would otherwise be for Trump. I think there’s two — first of all, it is astonishing that we are debating this, this late in the game. It’s something that Donald Trump, if he […]