See inside a city run by children

The game follows a loose set of rules that are based on each participant having a job or role, set at the beginning of each day, and followed based on the day’s needs and the city’s changes. A child-run laundry in one part of town washes the robes used by the children working the high […]

Manchester City’s Sam Mewis: ‘It’s a little scary doing something new’

The arrival of the midfielder is the first big transfer from the NWSL to the WSL this summer and it is expected that more will follow her path. Mewis, though, is coy about the possibility of an influx. “I can’t speak for anyone else’s situation,” she says. “Some of my teammates have played abroad but […]

How WWE wrestler and model Ashley Massaro, 39, starred in suicide prevention PSA just four months before she tragically took her own life

She ends up at a bar finding friendship and companionship with other people there including radio host Orlando and together they sing the chorus of the song: ‘Promise me you’ll sing it loud till someone sings along / promise me you’ll talk until the final choice seems wrong / It always feels like yesterday until […]

Too big? Too loud? Too real? Billy Lynn and other failed cinematic innovations

When I saw Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films, the first to be presented in 3D and in high frame rate (at 48fps), I bristled at the smooth, plasticized look. “It just doesn’t feel like a movie!” I barked, but, for fear of seeming like a luddite, I conceded that maybe high fantasy wasn’t the appropriate genre […]

Anthony Caro: a life in sculpture

In 1955 the influential art critic David Sylvester identified Anthony Caro as the best British sculptor since Henry Moore. But by 1963 he was having second thoughts. Shortly after Caro’s groundbreaking Whitechapel Gallery exhibition that year, in which he had taken the then radical step of dispensing with a plinth for his abstract steel sculptures, […]

, Channel 4’s real-life fugitive thriller, begins tonight at 9pm

The UK’s Channel 4 has started airing Hunted, a six-part “real life thriller” that follows 14 contestants as they try to escape capture for 28 days. A command-and-control centre staffed with ex-spooks and counter-terrorism experts will try to sniff out the 14 fugitives via technological means, with their intel being fed to a ground team of “hunters”—ex-cops and […]

Where are the Occupy protesters now?

Forty-eight hours later, after a trial where the jury was prevented from seeing and hearing much exculpatory evidence, McMillan was on her way to Rikers Island, the city’s decrepit, immense jail complex, awaiting sentence, which turned out to be 90 days (she could have been sent away for up to seven years) despite a letter […]

The end of tourism?

Behind the recent campaigns against over-tourism lies a growing appreciation that public goods that were assumed to be endlessly exploitable are, in fact, both finite and have a value that the price of visiting them should reflect. “Polluter pays” is an economic principle that is gradually being introduced to farming, manufacturing and energy. The idea […]

Da Nang family turns cards on Agent Orange

“The first time I visited, the five of them looked leaden. But now, thanks to support from local authorities and organizations, and most importantly, their vigor, the family has miraculously improved their condition,” Yen said.

New York, San Francisco may not rebound after pandemic exodus, other factors: column

Smith said that COVID-19 has been the main reason as to why people are fleeing major U.S. cities. Having large population densities, many are likely escaping major cities because they are seen as a hotbed for contracting the virus. He added that many workers are now provided the benefit of working from home, which has afforded them […]