Hungry birds are using their brains to beat climate change by adopting new ways of finding food, scientists say

Using a computer model, the researchers found the new techniques in food gathering helped combat the effects of change to their habitats – the main threat they face – but did not protect birds against invasive species, or hunting and trapping by humans.

Jesse Bird: Department of Veterans’ Affairs failed suicidal veteran, inquiry finds

Examining the Department’s non-compliance with legislation and policy to advise the Minister about any redress actions.Make it clear inside DVA that interim compensation payments are provided in appropriate cases.Identify indicators for veterans at risk to develop best practice case management models.Trial providing holistic care for veterans with an increased focus on transition support and vocational […]

Covid-19: Birth of Corona, a Great Indian Bustard chick in Jaisalmer enthuses bird lovers

Through powerful spot-scopes, experts keep round the clock watch over the nest. The egg is picked up soon after it’s laid. It is rushed to the maternity-ward located by side of Sam village and placed in the designed hatchery. Most modern facilities have been pooled to ensure hatching of the egg.

Birds that learn new behaviors less likely to go extinct, says study

(CNN)Herons using bread or insects as bait to catch fish, carrion crows dropping nuts onto roads so passing cars crack open their shells and great cormorants timing their fishing periods in New Zealand to take advantage of the strong currents generated by commercial ferries.

More than a quarter of UK birds face extinction risk or steep decline – study

There was good news in the report for some species, including the golden eagle, whose numbers have increased 15% since 2003, and for cirl buntings, which now have more than 1,000 breeding pairs, up from 118 in 1989. Another success story is the red kite, once one of the UK’s most threatened species, which is […]

Coroner calls for Department of Veterans Affairs to be subject to independent audit of veterans’ complaints

“Since (Jesse’s) death considerable effort has been put into improving the support available to veterans and their families, including a strong focus on assistance for at-risk veterans and those suffering from mental health conditions, as well as simplifying systems and processes to make it easier to access support,” he said.

Rare albino robin has been left without a partner and ‘unable to breed for FOUR years’ because she is unrecognisable to males due to the lack of a prominent red breast

An albino robin missing the iconic red breast of the species has been forced to lead a solitary life without a mate for the last four years as males do not recognise her. The robin resides around Bridford, Devon and is completely white from tip to tail (pictured)

Malta approves bird-hunting season despite coronavirus

BirdLife Malta, an environmental lobby group, said it was absurd that the government had even considered the opening of a spring hunting season. Four Maltese newspapers, including all the English language print media, joined forces in an appeal to the prime minister to halt the hunting.

The curlew’s call haunts sands and hills

Hill shepherds would collect curlew eggs; shooters killed them for their rich, dark flesh. Nowadays we merely destroy their watery breeding habitat. Hill foxes proliferate in spruce forests planted there. They take sitting birds from the nest. Crows eat their eggs. Curlew numbers have been in decline for years. Though not so swiftly as our […]

A virtual walk in Welsh mountains – with just an OS map and my imagination

The ridge looks impressive with a 200-metre drop on both sides, steeper on the east side. Once again I am distracted. What does Bwrdd Arthur mean? My Welsh-speaker helps out, again: Arthur’s Table. This is plainly an ancient landscape: just beyond the next peak, Moel Sych (Bare Dry peak?) I find a stone circle, a […]