Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition: Vado is BOOTED from the house after CHOKING his girlfriend Tahiry Jose in front of Dr. Ish and the other couples

Excuse: ’There has to be some point in your life that you take accountability and say, ‘Okay, this is what it is; I’m having a hard time dealing with it,’ she reflected. ‘Seek help for that issue. Don’t use it as an excuse of why you go and get drunk’

Effort to bar child marriage in California runs into opposition

“Initially it was a nice, simple, bright line — either you’re 18 or not. Like a tanning bed or voting, you can’t get a waiver from your parents,” said Sarah Bradshaw of the Feminist Majority, which promotes equality for women. “We’re hoping that people in the Assembly will put teeth back in it.”

Bobby Moore’s first wife Tina’s heartbreaking regret about marriage to World Cup legend

“He was crying all the time. He was in a terrible, terrible situation. Looking back, he was obviously deeply depressed. He couldn’t get a job. He had no money. It was dreadful for him.”

A Kiwi in Melbourne: I used to love Australia, but now I’m looking at NZ with longing

Melbourne had higher wages, more jobs, longer summers, slightly warmer winters and many more ways to spend one’s time. Back then I was not aware that Melbourne was “the world’s most liveable city”; it was just the place where Pete Rock casually played at a dive bar on a Tuesday night and I could go out dancing on Christmas night.

Auckland DHB investigating patient care after mum and baby’s sudden deaths

“The purpose of the review, which is ongoing, is to understand if there was anything we could have done differently, and to ensure we have the right systems and processes in place to support high quality care. The review panel includes an external reviewer.”

Victoria is hit with another 317 cases of COVID-19 – its worst EVER figure – and two more men die… but Sydney will NOT go into lockdown even if it gets as bad as in Melbourne

Scott Morrison announces new $1BILLION JobTrainer scheme to help 340,000 Australians to find jobs – and expands plan to cover apprentices’ wages  Thousands of Australians will be able to take new courses to help them get a job under Scott Morrison’s $1billion JobTrainer plan which he will announce on Thursday.

‘It’s not fair. It’s not right’

Ledger made one film for which he will undeniably be remembered. When the news of his death was reported on the airwaves, commentators unanimously described him as the groundbreaking young Aussie who played the “gay cowboy” in Brokeback Mountain. This captures the press at its most lavishly cretinous. Brokeback Mountain is no more about gay […]

How could I have got him so wrong? Nurse who was married to ‘Nick the Fantasist’ – real name Carl Beech – reveals horror of discovering he was a paedophile, her agony when he blamed their son and the circus of his monstrous abuse fantasy

‘He was always putting me down. He’d tell me I’d never do very well in my nursing career or be any higher than a staff nurse. He’d also say, “you’ll never leave me. You’ll never be able to cope on your own.” I think I’ve proved him wrong in that statement,’ she says.

The Latest: French exports down 21.5% as pandemic bites

House Speaker Ron Ryckman Jr. is the highest-ranking Kansas official known to have been infected. He notified fellow House Republicans in a letter after Tuesday’s primary, saying he had been hospitalized for a week in July but is “on the road to recovery.”

The Latest: Number of cases on Norwegian ship rises to 62

Vladimir Voronkov told the U.N. Security Council on Thursday that the upsurge in phishing sites was part of “a significant rise in cybercrime in recent months.” He said global experts don’t yet fully understand “the impact and consequences of the pandemic on global peace and security, and more specifically on organized crime and terrorism.”