RHONY alum Jules Wainstein finalizes divorce with ex Michael four years after bitter split… and months after her arrest for violent altercation with ex

The incident: Jules (above with Michael in 2020) is in legal trouble after she was reported to have violently lashed out at her ex. She’s said to have licked Michael’s car window before moving to the back of the car and hitting the vehicle with a baseball bat

Excerpt from Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navaratri Festival in South Asia edited by Caleb Simmons, Moumita Sen and Hillary Rodrigues

The purohita then draws a sacred diagram (yantra) upon the ground. This may be a simple downward pointing triangle or the more elaborate sarvatobhadra maṇḍala, into which the Goddess will be more formally established on the eighth day. Onto this yantra, a low altar of soil is constructed, identified as Aditi, the mother of the […]

4-nation Malabar exercise to kick off on November 3

In the midst of its bitter border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh, India will hold the first phase of the Malabar naval exercise with navies of the United States, Japan and Australia from November 3 to 6 in the Bay of Bengal off Visakhapatnam coast, officials said on Friday.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Saboteurs endangering our nation

The dismal consequence could be Corbynism and a return to the economic paralysis and union domination of the 1970s. We know from bitter experience where that ends – with continual strike action, 20 per cent inflation, blackouts and rubbish piling up in the streets. Corbyn’s Labour would lead us to ruin.

AT&T wants to put ads on your smartphone in exchange for $5 discount

AT&T has a controversial history of putting targeted ads on Internet service in exchange for discounts. In 2015, AT&T offered a $70-per-month gigabit home-Internet plan, but that price was only available to customers who agreed to let AT&T analyze their Web browsing histories in order to deliver targeted ads. Customers who didn’t opt in to […]

Blue Origin takes one small step toward being a competitor to SpaceX

The Blue Moon lunar lander has a cargo and a crew variant, the latter of which is Blue Origin’s entree into the Human Landing System competition. The lunar lander is a three-stage vehicle, consisting of a transfer stage, a descent stage and an ascent stage that could put both cargo and astronauts on the lunar […]

Mortgage boom helps Lloyds to third quarter profit

More from Lloyds Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio to retire from bank next year Coronavirus: Lloyds and Nike staff shared facilities at Edinburgh hotel before COVID-19 outbreak Coronavirus: Big four banks earmark £6.7bn for COVID-19 write-offs 2,000 jobs to go as Virgin Money, Lloyds and Direct Line all slash roles PPI hits Lloyds gains as […]

Tiffany snapped up by Louis Vuitton owner for $16bn

More from Business Coronavirus: Air travel demand ‘unlikely to fully recover before 2023’, says BA owner Virgin Wines toasts sale after revenues rise during pandemic Property prices growing at fastest rate since 2015 – but end of COVID support may stop trend Australian banks complain of too much cash as ‘people don’t want it’ Fund […]

All 340 Bruce Springsteen Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

Figuring out how to make “Born to Run” work affected Springsteen’s songwriting process not only for the rest of the album of the same name, but for the rest of his career. The themes and characters he established on that song formed the basis of his work and persona, and for the past 43 years […]

Comparing 1968 And 2020 Is More Complicated Than Donald Trump Wants It To Be

Nixon had predicted to reporters in 1966 that Vietnam might unravel Johnson’s presidency, David Halberstam reports in The Best and the Brightest. At one point during the actual campaign, Halberstam wrote, aides had pushed him to give a dovish speech on the war — but when Johnson withdrew, Nixon canceled the speech. Hubert Humphrey, Johnson’s […]