Offers a New Word for Injustice in America, Not a New Way of Thinking

Public conversations about race in America could use some messiness. We could stand to be more awkward amid too much PR. As Wilkerson succinctly identifies, “racism” — and “race” with it — has been so worked over in nomenclature it no longer, if ever it did, pricks the minds of the people who need to […]

Growing up in a violent environment is likely to lead to accelerated aging and disease risk, new review of studies shows

“Mindfulness training may help us be more aware of, and step away from, those well-worn habits that became ingrained when we were children due to our adverse experiences,” Loucks said. “We didn’t have the power and wisdom then that we do now as adults to learn how to help reverse, or at least blunt, the […]

Lowly flies get super names as scientists find inspiration in Marvel

Australian scientists said on July 29 they have given five fly species scientific names that pay tribute to the Marvel comic universe, including one named for wise-cracking anti-hero Deadpool and another after superhero creator Stan Lee. The five flies were part of 165 discoveries named by the scientists over the past year, which included two […]

Lockdown FINALLY BROKE our habits of a lifetime: From relying on a cleaner, to flying off on holiday and always planning ahead

Before Covid, we thought little about frivolously spending £30 to hop off to Europe, where the reward for being shot across the stratosphere in a tin can was some great art, a nice ice-cream and the hollowing out of another beautiful city with Airbnb rentals. Now that we are told the true price might be […]

Are YOU ready to join Britain’s health drive? These successful slimmers are proof you can still shrink your waistline and get fitter this summer!

These BPA-free, food-safe shaker bottles are the perfect accessory for helping you on your weight loss journey, offering a neat way to keep hydrated on the go. They even have a compartment in the bottom to carry your supplements, so you can take your Boombod sachets with you to the gym and beyond!

The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by the Air Line Pilots Association – Biden VP possible next week; Meadows says relief talks ‘miles apart’

➔ International: Officials have declared a state of disaster in Victoria, Australia, amid rising coronavirus cases and deaths in the region. The declaration went into effect on Sunday, with the region reporting more than 11,000 confirmed cases of the virus. Under the new restrictions, Melbourne residents will be able to shop for essential items within […]

Can you get a refund for your Spanish holiday? What TUI, On the Beach, Last Minute, LoveHolidays are offering

Matt Callaghan, customer director at easyJet holidays added: “We also have a very flexible approach for customers with existing bookings who are feeling unsure about travelling and will support with free changes to their booking up to 28 days before departure and wherever we can in other circumstances.”

The Atlantic’s star pandemic reporter: We aren’t ready for another ‘generation-defining crisis’

Absolutely no one wants to hear this, but I wrote a piece recently about how we need to actually be prepared for what happens if we have another pandemic on top of this. That’s a question I actually asked myself in March and sort of dismissed on the grounds of but surely that’s ridiculous. We […]

“I’m Going To Be Honest With You,” The Grandfather Told Police. “I Killed A Lot.”

Martinez had also committed this murder at a time when a good many people in Earlimart were already scared. And not because of him. Anti-immigrant fervor had swept California, casting a pall over communities like Earlimart. The previous November, California voters had approved Proposition 187, a ballot initiative that called for denying government services, including […]