Vietnam seeks to reopen certain international air routes

Besides effective Covid-19 infection prevention and control protocols, the Government has initiated a number of socioeconomic measures to help the economy recover and enhance its resilience, including improving the business environment, simplifying administrative procedures, developing infrastructure and logistics and boosting trading activities domestically and internationally.

Baby boy returning from Russia is country’s latest Covid-19 case

On May 28, after his fourth test conducted at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Hai Duong Province, his sample came out positive for the virus. On May 29, the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Hanoi confirmed that his sample had tested positive once again.

Vietnamese pop tarnished by plagiarism suspicions

AMEE’s heroine is a lot more feminine and childlike and lacks the complex psychological development of Taylor Swift’s. However, there are a few angry, jealous shots in the Vietnamese singer’s MV in which the heroine cries her eyes out, shouts, cuts her lover’s shirt, and slashes his portrait just like in “Blank Space”.

Born with agent orange, Hanoi teacher escapes fate

Seeing Anh’s English improve, her mother told her to open her own class in a corner of the store, where she taught her first five students for free. Their parents soon told Lan Anh to let them pay, “or they would not let their children join the class.” 


The adjustment of socio-economic targets is a big and unprecedented issue, because the targets set in the NA’s Resolution are concretised from the Resolution of the Party Central Committee. On the basis of the Government’s proposal, the decision on the adjustment of growth targets will be made by the competent levels, with the current political […]

Deforestation continues to rage in Vietnam

Le Van Long, head of Krong Bong District People’s Committee, said to encourage people in Yang Mao, Cư Đrăm and Cư Pui communes outside of the forest not to trespass and exploit wood, local authorities have implemented assistance programmes to help them start businesses and earn sustainable livelihoods.

British pilot, Vietnam’s sickest COVID-19 patient, might not need lung transplant as health improves: doctors

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son (third from right) presides a telemedicine consultation to discuss the condition and treatment of a British pilot who is Vietnam’s sickest coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patient, May 29, 2020. Photo: Thuy Anh / Tuoi Tre Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son agreed with the suggestions, adding that doctors should also carefully […]