Wilkinsburg Council Releases Name Of Police Officer Who Shot, Killed Romir Talley

“We’re human beings, and no one wants to see another human being killed,” Macklin said. “And we want to know why. So as a mother myself and a grandmother myself, I would like to know that and I think the family should know that. I would urge District Attorney Zappala complete the investigation as soon […]

Gaming Deals Black Friday 2020: What to look out for

AO Xbox One S All-Digital Edition 1TB with Fortnite, Sea Of Thieves, Minecraft, £129 – buy here Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition 4GB, £149 – buy here Xbox One S 1TB + FIFA 20, Forza Horizon 3, Sea Of Thieves, Minecraft, £269 – buy here Xbox One X 1TB +Forza Horizon 4 with Lego Speed […]

Trump calls Black Lives Matter a ‘Marxist group’ and says NBA players taking a knee during the national anthem is ‘disgraceful’

In his 40-minute eulogy last week, given at the same pulpit where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used to preach, Obama outlined a dramatic new plan for voting reform that was seen as a call to arms for Democrats to battle President Trump, who has railed against mail-in voting and complained the system […]

Beyoncé’s Black is King is a breathtaking celebration of Black empowerment

It’s why Beyoncé can still maintain legions of white fans while very specifically affirming that Black people possess a power that can never be ripped from us, no matter how hard some may try. It’s the kind of self-assurance that people of all backgrounds can’t help but find magnetic and inspiring. With that knowledge, Black […]

Schoolboy, 11, was killed after being ‘thrown around like a ball’ by two brown bears when they pulled him into their cage as he tried to pose for a photo with them

A criminal case has been opened into ‘causing death by negligence’ against the guest house owners, said the Russian Investigative Committee.

Two Black women accuse Secret Service of wrongful detention; Secret Service disputes their account

While the women’s lawyer suggested the women were treated differently because of their race, the Secret Service late Tuesday said that its Uniformed Division officers were notified that the Ford Focus was connected to criminal activity and had been identified by a License Plate Reader system operated by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District […]

Climate change is killing tufted puffins, researchers say

There have been mass die-offs of the birds before, in 1983 and 1997, that were linked to climate-related food issues, but climate change will likely accelerate these die-offs. Scientists who observed these die-offs will continue to monitor this bird population.

Beats Headphones Black Friday 2020: What to Expect

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I’m a Black startup founder. Here’s how I raised $11 million after 150 rejections

There are countless stories of VCs pumping hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars into startups that were not sound business ideas. However, those founders had strong social currency in the VC world, so they were able to easily raise money. Investors know that if they invest in companies where the founder […]

Black Bowmore DB5 1964 Whisky Will Cost You $65,000 Per Bottle

Aged single malt scotch with Aston Martin engine parts. What’s not to like? Every so often, automakers like to dip a toe into other genres. By that, we mean really different genres like bicycles, furniture, and a longtime favorite for more than a few manufacturers, alcohol. That’s the subject of this new and very expensive […]