Getting a bunch of negative user reviews is not automatically a ‘review bomb’

My curmudgeonly point is that if “review bombing” comes to mean simply that a game has gotten a bunch of negative reviews in a short amount of time, then like so many other terms it will be emptied of its content and become a stupid persuasive bludgeon. (“Help us out, we’re being review bombed!”) Maybe […]

Razer Opus wireless headphones review: A budget ANC champ

Then there’s the Opus’ active noise cancellation, which utilizes a hybrid design consisting of two external and two internal mics on each earcup. The thought process here is to combat a wider frequency range of unwanted sound on multiple fronts, with the external mics picking up outside frequencies like human speech or traffic, and the […]

‘Umbrella Academy’ season two review: The apocalypse continues in the stifling 60s

Diego’s life takes a turn as he ends up in a psychiatric institute where he meets the enigmatic but ultimately likeable Lila Pitts (Ritu Arya) who smuggles bacon in her socks from the cafeteria and calls Diego (David Castañeda) “an open book for very dumb children.” Who couldn’t love that? As the adopted daughter of […]

1More Dual Driver ANC Pro review: Listen to this

That brings me to what I see as an inevitable design flaw with this style of headphone — they just won’t have the portability or ergonomic footprint that so many people have come to enjoy with true wireless earbuds. There’s a lot the Dual Driver ANC can offer between their features, audio quality, and price […]

Cyber-security incident at US power grid entity linked to unpatched firewalls

Follow good industry practices for vulnerability and patch management.Reduce and control your attack surface (have as few internet-facing devices as possible).Use VPNs (virtual private networks).Use access control lists (ACLs) to filter inbound traffic prior to handling by the firewall; minimize the traffic through a denial by default configuration with whitelisting for the allowed and expected […]

‘Waiting for the Barbarians’ Review: An A-List Literary Adaptation Limps to Life

The desert outpost, mostly shot in Morocco by the gifted cinematographer Chris Menges (a two-time Oscar winner for his camera work on The Killing Fields and The Mission), becomes a powerful symbol of human decency trying to hold out under the brutal siege of alleged law and order. It’s thuddingly obvious who the real barbarians […]

‘Bandish Bandits’ review: A vanilla offering that barely passes muster

The writing is so lazy that you can only bite your arm in frustration. There is no sense of urgency as time stretches or compresses to suit the next crisis. You want to show a rebel, show Tamanna smoking and wearing very few clothes. After that introduction shot, she never seems to smoke. When and […]

Review: Poetry of Belonging: Muslim Imaginings of India 1850-1950 by Ali Khan Mahmudabad

Poets had to be formally invited to the musha’irahs, they came in tongas and cars, dressed in their traditional best, achkans and shalwars, ate paan, rested against gao takias (pillows) and cheered (“daad”) their peers. A candle was lit to mark the start of the musha’irah by the nazim (conductor of ceremony), the junior poets […]

Tropical Storm Isaias: Long Island Lawmakers Furious Over Breakdown In PSEG’s Power Outage Reporting System

Wind gusts up to 80 mph ripped trees out of sidewalks, decimated backyards and swimming pools, and toppled hundreds of power poles. It took out power for hundreds of thousands of customers, leaving many furious with the utility that was supposed to be ready and frustrated by the inability to even report the outage to […]

Karen Bass says she thinks Trump is racist and he is ‘essentially giving license to racists’

Bass, the 66-year-old chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, has gained traction in the search for Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick, CNN previously reported, based more than two dozen recent interviews with members of Congress, top Democratic donors, Biden allies and others close to the vice presidential vetting process.