Miami mayor calls for Americans to donate blood during health crisis, teams with Pitbull

“I’m healthy. But, unfortunately, the person that I’m helping is close to 70 years old and is on a respirator now. So my hope and prayer is that he is able to come out of it well, and that others will follow my lead and do likewise,” he said.

Help During Coronavirus: Where To Give Blood In Perry Hall

PERRY HALL, MD — Giving blood is one way people can help out during the coronavirus public health crisis, Gov. Larry Hogan said Monday, announcing his stay-at-home order in Maryland. People may leave their homes to give blood, according to the governor.

Wife Didn’t Visit Husband Dying from Coronavirus to Save Masks for Hospital, Nurse Says

“Patients know we are in fear now—the rationing of supplies, some of us wearing trash bags [because there aren’t enough sterile gowns],” he says, referencing other hospitals who have had to resort to those measures. “Loved ones dropping loved ones off in the ER, and they can’t come in. But I have to show up […]

Sick and angry: Some public health officers are showing stress of coronavirus

“Remember, for these men and women, the population is their patient,” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, professor emeritus for UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health, which was named for him. “They are there to prevent, respond, evaluate and monitor the health of a whole community, in much the same way a doctor will for a single […]