IndyCar team owner Bobby Rahal riding out the COVID-19 shutdown

“We have kept our team on full salary,” Rahal told “Also, we have not reduced salaries, laid people off or furloughed people. We are still fully employed. That’s a big commitment on Mike and Dave and my part. Our sponsors have been tremendous. I hope for everybody’s sake we are able to get our […]

Manchester United: Martin Tyler shares his memories of Old Trafford

I have commentated on plenty of trophy lifts at Old Trafford, but the most important for the club would surely be in 1999 when a 2-1 win over Tottenham cemented the first part of the treble, with the FA Cup final against Newcastle and the Champions League climax against Bayern Munich still to come.

49ers’ Staley, Sherman, Gore, Willis receive NFL all-decade honor

Staley and Sherman, who have both been voted to five Pro Bowls, are active. Gore, a free agent, spent the first 10 seasons of his 15-year career with the 49ers and ranks third in NFL history with 15,347 rushing yards. Willis, who retired after the 2014 season, spent his eight-year career with the 49ers and […]

Hawaii mayor to arrested Florida man: ‘Covidiot’

“I guess there’s varying degrees of how much of a covidiot you can be,” Kawakami said. “Those three rank pretty high. I would say they rank pretty high to try to run away from a state that has a high number of people that are ill to come to Hawaii where we’ve been working hard. […]

RFK’s legacy is still alive today

Kennedy’s extemporaneous announcement (“Ladies and gentleman, I have some very sad news for all of you and all of our fellow citizens and people who love peace all over the world”) of King’s death to a crowd in Indianapolis found him ruminating on how the death of his older brother had changed him. Kennedy, who […]

My memories of ’68: Chaos in black and white

I was home alone on April 4, when whatever I was watching when I was supposed to be doing my homework was interrupted by the bulletin that Martin Luther King Jr. had been shot and killed in Memphis. Beyond the sadness, I felt an ominous sense of dread. I got up and put the chain […]

NFL 2010s All-Decade Team: Ranking every player’s Hall of Fame chances by tiers

While there are no officially guidelines when it comes to making the Hall of Fame, there are a few specific things that certainly help to have on your resume. Gaudy stats, Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections, MVP honors and championships won all certainly help your cause, along with being part of an all-decade team. Of […]

Need a new quarantine read? Don Winslow drops ‘Broken,’ stories for our fractured times

A co-screenwriter on “Savages” with his rep Shane Salerno of the Story Factory, Winslow recently completed a screenplay adaptation of the nonfiction book “The Last Good Heist,” also for the Story Factory. It’s the true tale of a 1975 fur heist in Providence, R.I., written by Tim White, Randall Richard and Wayne Worcester. Otherwise, Winslow […]

Jimmy Greaves: England, Spurs and Chelsea great in hospital

More from UK Coronavirus: Fourteen transport workers die in London after contracting COVID-19 Coronavirus: Patients taken to ‘extraordinary’ NHS hospital built in just nine days Coronavirus: Claims of power vacuum as PM battles COVID-19 in intensive care Coronavirus: Sainsbury’s to stop rationing most products after feedback from shoppers Coronavirus: Third of Britons think police have […]

Which footballers have been mentioned in parliament?

“In Germany there’s also the DJK movement (Deutsche Jugendkraft or German Youth Power), which grew out of the Catholic social movement. Similar to the Maccabi clubs, membership is no longer limited to Catholics, nevertheless the organisation still considers itself “a link between church and sport”. The clubs are active in many sports, not only football […]