The Book in the Cathedral by Christopher de Hamel review – adventures of a manuscript sleuth

Hearing of the knights’ arrival, Becket attended to the stagecraft of his martyrdom, collecting his cloak, his surplice, his ring of office, before going to meet his assailants. Whether his treasured psalter, a material connection to Alphege, was among this symbolic paraphernalia is unknowable now, but De Hamel offers it as a tantalising possibility. This […]

Review: Poetry of Belonging: Muslim Imaginings of India 1850-1950 by Ali Khan Mahmudabad

The Progressive Writers’ Movement, launched in 1935, democratised the literary public sphere, making it informal and relaxed. The poetry was anti-capitalist, with a strong social and political message. As the popularity of the musha’irah peaked, the quality of poetry fell, with poets taking recourse to tarannum (melody) to cover up their lack of talent. Books […]

Readers are ’embarrassed’ for author who made epic mistake in ‘serious’ history book

Alongside this, she shared a photo of a paragraph, in which a character is explaining how they dyed a dress. It goes on to list the ingredients for the dye, which include bizarre items such as an “Octorok eyeball”, “red lizalfos” and “four Hylian shrooms”.

From an inflatable lounger to a blackout tent, five Amazon buys that will help make your camping trip more comfortable

One Amazon shopper described it as ‘comfort in a bag’. Another added: ‘They’re good for pretty much any terrain, I’ve even used it on the sea with a cold beer and they’re absolutely fantastic, would recommend for anyone even if it’s just for the garden.’ 

War and peace in the times of Obama

In the wee hours of May 2, 2011, U.S. Navy SEALS >killed al-Qaeda leader and mastermind of 9/11 attacks Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. “Justice has been done,” Mr. Obama had said announcing killing of Osama. But that was not the first time the Nobel peace laureate supported military strikes. The day after receiving […]

Aberdeen is put into lockdown: Nicola Sturgeon closes city’s pubs and bans travel in and out as bar outbreak cases DOUBLE – just a day after Queen passed through on way to Balmoral

Colin Wilkinson, SLTA managing director, said: ‘Responsible operators, as demonstrated by the Hawthorn Bar, have gone above and beyond to comply with the guidance that was put in place by the government to allow the industry to reopen, and some operators also demonstrated their commitment by voluntary closing their premises before the First Minister’s announcement […]

Bay Briefing: Some nursing homes leave families out of the loop on coronavirus

The research, released Wednesday by Stanford University scientists, suggests that some of the region’s biggest traffic delays from flooding will be in Santa Rosa, Napa and Vacaville, all far from where the flooding occurs. In these areas, with water just a foot higher along San Francisco Bay, as many as half of commuters could face […]

Judge orders trial tied to discovery of missing kids’ bodies

At the time, Chad Daybell was married to Tammy Daybell. She died in October of what her obituary said were natural causes. Authorities grew suspicious when he married Lori Vallow just two weeks later. Police had Tammy’s body exhumed last December in Utah for further investigation; the results of that autopsy have not been released.

TikTok deal tests Microsoft’s decades of China experience

That was not unusual at the time: Microsoft’s research lab was known within China as an incubator for entrepreneurs in the late 1990s and 2000s, who then went on to propel the country’s tech explosion. The company has nurtured much talent—from Yin Qi, the founder of facial recognition giant Megvii, to Lin Bin, co-founder of […]

The 30 best documentaries to watch on Netflix right now

Sister Cesnik taught English and drama at Baltimore’s Archbishop Keough High School, and her former students’ believed that there was a cover-up by authorities after Cesnik suspected that a priest at the school, A. Joseph Maskell, was guilty of sexual abuse of students.