Coronavirus live updates: Unemployment eases, but data glitch clouds state infection counts

6:05 p.m. Twitter blocked new tweets from “Team Trump” account: Twitter officials said Wednesday they banned Trump’s campaign account, “Team Trump,” until it removed a post containing misinformation on the coronavirus, according to the Washington Post. The account tweeted a video from a clip of an interview Trump conducted with Fox News on Wednesday morning. […]

Coronavirus live updates: Jobless claims fall, 16 million still collecting unemployment

8:34 a.m. Census reverses on needing more time due to pandemic: The Census Bureau said late on Monday that it would finish collecting data next month and work to deliver population tallies to President Trump that meet his constitutionally questionable order to exclude undocumented immigrants for the purpose of congressional apportionment, Politico reports. The agency […]

Biden Needs a VP. Kamala Suddenly Sounds More Like Bernie

One current Harris adviser said that she often seeks out opportunities to partner with elected officials to the ideological left of her, as well as occasionally those to the right when appropriate. In February, for example, she celebrated with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) over successfully getting anti-lynching legislation passed in […]

China objects to US official’s Taiwan visit

Ma said in a statement on Wednesday that in a bid to seek political interests, the Democratic Progressive Party authorities colluded with the US, willingly to be a “chess piece” that Washington can play to solicit foreign support, which harmed the common interests of people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

Facebook pulls video from Trump’s page labelling it as COVID-19 misinformation

“In some cases, we allow content that would otherwise go against our Community Standards — if it is newsworthy and in the public interest. We only do this after weighing the public interest value against the risk of harm and we look to international human rights standards to make these judgments.”

Facebook Finally Moves Against Trump

Twitter took things a step further against Trump’s campaign account late Wednesday, just hours after Facebook removed the president’s misleading post. The social media giant said the president’s “Team Trump” account would not be allowed to tweet again until it removed video of Trump making the same claim about children being “almost immune” to the […]