Washington Supreme Court upholds Spokane River water minimum

The Center for Environmental Policy and other environmental groups sued the state Department of Ecology, arguing that the 850 cubic feet (24 cubic meters) per second minimum was both arbitrary and too low a figure to properly maintain the river and its species, The Spokesman-Review reported

Pregnant Billi Mucklow displays her growing bump in a coral bikini as she and fiancé Andy Carroll play in the pool with their sons on family getaway

Pregnant Billi Mucklow shares glimpse of her growing bump as… Pregnant Billi Mucklow showcases her growing baby bump in a… Pregnant Billi Mucklow displays her growing baby bump as she… Pregnant Dani Dyer celebrates her 24th birthday as dad Danny…

House Democratic freshmen in tough races growing agitated about failure of stimulus talks

Amid the anxiety within the ranks, Pelosi held a two-hour conference call with her caucus on Saturday to lay out what happened in the negotiations, where she offered to come down $1 trillion from her original $3.4 trillion price tag and called on the administration to add another trillion dollars to the GOP’s $1 trillion […]

Fact check: Did the Spanish flu end WWII?

Facts First: A massive flu pandemic is known to have caused tens of millions of deaths worldwide in 1918 and 1919, not 1917; there has been some research suggesting this flu was circulating in 1917, but it caused its vast destruction in the two following years. Regardless, this pandemic obviously did not end the “Second […]

Kerry Washington on Portraying “Black Motherhood Like I Hadn’t Seen Before”

I also had some drawings of slave ships and stories of slave mothers whose children had been ripped from their arms and sold down river because, again, interwoven into Black motherhood is generations of loss and fear for our kids. Having all those pictures up and having Eric Garner’s mother come to the play and […]

Here’s What Trump’s Coronavirus Executive Orders Do And Don’t Accomplish | WALL STREET MEETS WASHINGTON Clips

“Omeed Malik is the Founder and CEO of Farvahar Partners, a boutique merchant bank and broker/dealer which invests partner capital into growth businesses and acts as a liquidity provider of private placements on behalf of companies and institutional investors. The Firm also offers advisory, investment banking and capital raising services to its clients.

Trump Cleans Up Congress’ Stimulus Disaster And Lights A Fire Under China | WALL STREET MEETS WASHINGTON EP. 18

Trump’s move on China wasn’t his only big win this week. He also did Congress’ job for it and extended major coronavirus aid to the American public. That being said, he and Republicans are making a major mistake by going back to the well on health care heading into the election.

Nearly half of German firms expect growing trade strains with U.S.: Survey

BERLIN : Forty-four percent of German firms expect a further escalation of trade tensions between Europe and the United States, which is likely to continue to dampen new investments, the RND newspaper chain reported, citing a survey by the IW economic institute.Thirty-four percent do not see trade ties growing more strained, RND reported.It said 41 […]

Washington Post accused of ‘sounding like Antifa’s publicist’ with glowing feature on Portland protesters

“Lang tried to soften the radical activists’ image by featuring a family of four, a veteran and “moms” flaunting their ridiculous riot gear along with self-righteous quotes they gave to the paper,” Marsh wrote to describe the piece. “It’s hard not to gag when Lang lovingly described how Portland’s left-wing ‘protests’ are what ‘Portland does […]

Mexican Wolf Population Grows in Southwestern US

Mexican wolves, also known as lobos, once ranged throughout the Southwest, but were nearly extinct in the United States by the 1970s. After the species was listed as endangered, a captive breeding program was established to bring the animals back to the wild, starting with just seven wolves, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service.