The children’s author CANCELLED by her publisher after backing J.K. Rowling: GILLIAN PHILIP tells how she was left to fear for her young readers in a world where daring to speak your mind can spell disaster

I tried blocking the abusers, but they switched to other accounts and kept pursuing me in greater and greater numbers. Some people would have ignored it but I felt that I could not. I was getting riled and retweeted some of the comments, adding my own comebacks such as, ‘Not very original [File photo]

Delingpole: Rachel Riley Is Not a Racist – But We Shouldn’t Defend Her

The vast majority of them are self-hating middle-class white kids and, in most cases, would have had what little was left of their intelligence educated out of them at “uni”. Normally it would be a pleasure and a privilege to take up arms against these writhing nematodes on lovely Rachel’s behalf. But as I say, […]

Away from school pressures, children who defy gender norms blossom at home

Changing the culture, whether of school or the world, can take a long time. In the meantime, parents can help their kids maintain their newfound self-esteem. Abrams suggested parents remind children that they deserve to feel loved and supported in every environment. They suggested role-playing the return to school with a new name or outfit, […]