Are YOU ready to join Britain’s health drive? These successful slimmers are proof you can still shrink your waistline and get fitter this summer!

These BPA-free, food-safe shaker bottles are the perfect accessory for helping you on your weight loss journey, offering a neat way to keep hydrated on the go. They even have a compartment in the bottom to carry your supplements, so you can take your Boombod sachets with you to the gym and beyond!

Tom Kerridge slams 27 ‘selfish’ and ‘disgraceful’ customers who booked but didn’t show up to his London restaurant

Fellow chef Clare Smyth agreed as she wrote in the comments: “Well said Tom. We need to educate people now more than ever. Our industry needs to come into line with others. Staff don’t work for free because the guests don’t turn up. Ingredients are prepared and wasted. It is incredibly disrespectful.”

When Black People Appear on

Consider “The Diplomat’s Club,” in which George compels Mr. Morgan (Tom Wright) to take a Polaroid with him — a naked attempt to brownnose his Black boss and preempt an impending staff reorganization in the Yankees front office. Shouldering up next to the unenthused supervisor, George tells Mr. Morgan he resembles the boxer Sugar Ray […]

Harper Lee to publish new novel, 55 years after To Kill a Mockingbird

Sarah Churchwell, professor of American literature at the University of East Anglia, said: “Scholars knew that Harper Lee had written two earlier versions of To Kill a Mockingbird, called Go Set a Watchman and then Atticus, but these earlier drafts were generally believed lost, as far as I am aware. In Lee’s statement to the […]

I was in Ghislaine Maxwell’s little black book

Then there’s the story of Anna “Delvey” (real name Sorokin), the twentysomething Russian who claimed to be a German heiress with a trust fund, and who managed to infiltrate New York’s highest circles – conniving her way into luxury and persuading banks to give her loans. One friend paid for a lavish US$62,000 holiday to […]

Coronavirus: Can I get travel insurance and what are my travel rights?

The NHS’s 24-hour phone and online service, which offers medical advice to anyone who needs it. People in England and Wales are advised to ring the service if they are worried about their symptoms. In Scotland, they should check NHS inform, then ring their GP in office hours or 111 out of hours. In Northern […]

Lockdown FINALLY BROKE our habits of a lifetime: From relying on a cleaner, to flying off on holiday and always planning ahead

It was bad enough turning up an hour early to unload miniature bottles and remove everything from shoes to mobiles in order to foil a terrorist. On a flight, everyone else is a potential hazard — and that’s just when you emerge smelling faintly of vomit with a streaming new cold.

Fears of a stampede to the UK’s beauty spots as ten-day ‘African heat flare’ is set to bring sizzling 91F temperatures later this week after highs of 71F today

The worries come as the government discusses whether lockdown restrictions were eased too early. One of the government’s top scientific advisers warned ‘further interventions’ could be needed to get pupils back in classes next month – suggesting ministers decide between pubs or schools.

Inside the life of Pablo Escobar’s first-born son who was brought up by an MI6 spy working to infiltrate the cartels

Phillip says: “It was only when I was 24 that Pat told me the true story. By 1989, Escobar was losing his grip on his drug empire and ­retaliated the only way he knew how — by exacting more bloody revenge.

My life inside with Charles Bronson – who protected wimpy killers, dished out hugs and had a Broadmoor stalker

“Charlie should be released. He has a lot of stuff he can give society now,” claims the former lag, who served around 20 years behind bars during his former life of crime and now lives with partner Daphne.