‘I will NOT back down’: Boris Johnson defies EU fury at threat to ‘tear up’ Brexit divorce terms on Northern Ireland after Michel Barnier warns it would mean NO trade deal – but PM says that would still be a ‘good outcome’ for the UK

What was agreed on NI in the Withdrawal Agreement?  Under the Withdrawal Agreement, after transition Northern Ireland will remain in the United Kingdom’s customs territory but all EU procedures will apply to goods arriving there. Any customs checks on the island of Ireland will be done in ports.

Cabinet minister admits Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up Brexit divorce deal WILL break international law as top Government lawyer quits hours before talks restart and Theresa May warns UK will ‘no longer be trusted’

In a message kicking off the latest round of discussions, the peer said the two sides ‘can no longer afford to go over well-trodden ground’ and progress on the key stumbling points – fishing rights and the UK obeying EU rules – was essential this week if a deal was to be done in time […]

Delingpole: Boris Johnson Has Led a Fascist Coup Against the United Kingdom

If Covid-19 really were a version, say, of the Black Death — which wiped out 60 per cent of Europe’s population — most of us would probably agree to sacrifice our freedoms in order to reduce the risk of dying in agony with pustulous buboes while vomiting black blood. Back in the 14th century, there […]

Brussels tells Boris Johnson he has until the end of the month to scrap his plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal or the EU will launch legal action as the bloc warns trade talks are at risk

The Government argued that while countries are obliged to discharge treaty obligations ‘in good faith’ the UK is facing ‘difficult and highly exceptional circumstances’ and ‘it is important to remember the fundamental principle of Parliamentary sovereignty’.  

Boris Johnson ‘could drop plans to tear up parts of Brexit deal if EU limits Irish Sea checks’ – as PM accuses Brussels of trying to break up UK’s ‘territorial integrity’

‘If I had done that when I was prime minister the Conservatives would have accused me of breaching the rule of law, they would have thrown everything at us and said ‘you cannot ignore an international treaty that you signed only a few weeks ago and you negotiated’.

Stay indoors or face a fine! Boris Johnson is ‘drawing up tough new plans to fine people flouting self-isolation rules’ after growing numbers ignore advice

John Apter, national chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: ‘There is a real risk some members of the public will take advantage of the current situation and treat this weekend as a party weekend ahead of the tighter restrictions being introduced on Monday.  

We R past the peak: Boris Johnson says UK is on ‘downward slope’ but must be careful not to ‘slap straight into a second BIGGER mountain’ as he pledges to reveal lockdown exit ‘road map’ next week built around keeping down R infection rate

Slowly rising traffic: At rush hour 8am today traffic was up on the same day last week but down on yesterday . Congestion was  50 per cent below  average today – almost as high as Monday’s busiest day of the lockdown yet when it was 49% below average. That was a 2 per cent increase […]

Calling the French ‘turds’ shows Boris Johnson is the eternal spoilt 15-year-old

Johnson and his supporters usually claim he is being quoted out of context, or put his statements down to Johnsonian wit and love of rhetorical hyperbole. “Boris is Boris,” they chortle. Will that really wash if he becomes prime minister? Johnson is a classic example of arrested development: he remains the eternal privileged 15-year-old having […]

Boris Johnson is accused of deploying Donald Trump’s tactics in Brexit trade talks amid huge Tory mutiny over PM’s plant to ‘tear up’ divorce deal

As seasoned observers speculated on the motivations for the UK approach, Lord Darroch referred to comments made by Mr Johnson in 2018, in which he suggested there would be ‘all sorts of chaos’ at the start of Brexit negotiations if Mr Trump were in charge.

Boris Johnson lets rip another demented monologue in Commons

There wasn’t a great deal more sense on offer at the Downing Street press conference later in the afternoon, when the prime minister announced the new lockdown measures that Matt Hancock had failed to mention in his statement the day before and had released to the media in the evening instead. In theory, the message […]