Boris Johnson blasts EU claims he was planning to tear up Withdrawal Agreement

“As we have done from the beginning in public and in private, I will reinforce our simple, reasonable request for a free trade agreement based on those the EU has signed before with like-minded partners.”

Boris Johnson is threatening his own MPs, but I’ll be voting to stop no-deal Brexit

This is why today’s vote, on a standing order that will giving parliament control of the order paper, is so important. It is rash and misguided to shut down all escape routes from no deal and hold a gun to our own head in the hope it will produce a deal at the last moment. […]

It’s two metres apart over here, mon ami! Boris Johnson dodges a very enthusiastic welcome from Emmanuel Macron as the French President heads to Downing Street after handing Prince Charles the Legion d’Honneur for London

The Legion of Honor is the highest French decoration and one of the most famous in the world. For two centuries, it has been presented on behalf of the Head of State to reward the most deserving citizens in all fields of activity.As an honour, the Legion of Honour does not include any actual material […]

Boris Johnson ‘could drop plans to tear up parts of Brexit deal if EU limits Irish Sea checks’ – as PM accuses Brussels of trying to break up UK’s ‘territorial integrity’

The legislation, which the Government is hoping to crash through the House of Commons in the next two weeks, will enable the UK to unilaterally make decisions about key issues, like customs arrangements between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland, contained within the Withdrawal Agreement. 

EU, UK blame each other over deadlocked post-Brexit talks

A spokesman for the Attorney General’s office confirmed the resignation, but wouldn’t comment on the reason behind it. The Financial Times reported that Jones quit because of a dispute over suggestions the government would challenge parts of the withdrawal agreement.

Whitehall legal boss quits over threats to row back on Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

A: UK trawlermen say they have suffered for years under the bloc’s Common Fisheries Policy. No10 wants to change how quotas are divvied up, doubling the spoils for our fishermen. But EU bosses say the result will wipe out a third of the EU’s fleet.

Collateral Damage by Kim Darroch review – insulted by Trump, abandoned by Johnson

Inevitably Darroch settles a few scores. After his resignation he rang Johnson, who offered crocodile tears and said he had “absolutely no intention” of making the ambassador quit. Yeah, right. Darroch makes clear that Johnson’s failure to back him was a factor in his decision. He fantasises about visiting the leaker in prison. Overall he […]

Ex-diplomat Darroch astounded by UK plan to break Brexit law

“It’s the chaos theory of negotiating,” Darroch said. “Making your negotiating partner think that you’re so crazy that you’d better give him what he wants, because who knows what he will do next. And I just wonder if there are some echoes of that” in the government’s Brexit approach.

Theresa May begs MPs for two more weeks to cut Brexit deal as she faces Valentine’s Day massacre from Remainers

“But if the Government has not secured a majority in this House in favour of a Withdrawal Agreement and a Political Declaration, then the Government will on Tuesday 26 February make a statement and table an amendable motion relating to the statement; and a Minister will move that motion on Wednesday 27 February, thereby enabling […]

Top lawyers warn Johnson over role of judges as constitution fears grow

Peers and senior civil servants are concerned that the new government is planning to use constitutional reform to hold a sword of Damocles over the heads of potential critics. They fear it is designed to discourage them from holding up its Brexit proposals and domestic programme. Johnson’s team is also understood to be examining major […]