‘I will NOT back down’: Boris Johnson defies EU fury at threat to ‘tear up’ Brexit divorce terms on Northern Ireland after Michel Barnier warns it would mean NO trade deal – but PM says that would still be a ‘good outcome’ for the UK

A government source last night added: ‘It is a question of where decisions are made. We had a vote in this country to take back control and we are not going back on that.’ The Prime Minister today stresses he is seeking a simple free trade deal along the lines of the one negotiated between […]

Legal limit on indoor gatherings ‘could be SLASHED from 30′ ahead of Freshers’ week: Boris Johnson gathers Cabinet after covid cases near 3,000 for second day in row – as experts warn Christmas could also be cancelled

‘We’ve been able to relax a bit over the summer, the disease levels have been really quite low in the UK through the summer but these latest figures really show us that much as people might like to say ‘oh well it’s gone away’ – this hasn’t gone away.

Boris Johnson ‘is resisting pressure’ to publish Priti Patel bullying report amid claims it found evidence of wrongdoing but NOT enough to sack the minister

Boris Johnson is said to be resisting calls to publish a report into allegations of bullying by Priti Patel. The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary are pictured together during a visit to a police headquarters in North Yorkshire in July 

Nicola Sturgeon urges Scottish people to ‘work from home’ – setting her on major collision course with Boris Johnson’s ‘back to the office’ message AGAIN

‘But I am also acutely aware that if we lose the battle to keep Covid under control then that’s not good for the economy because we end up going back and having to put parts of our economy back into lockdowns.’

Cabinet minister admits Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up Brexit divorce deal WILL break international law as top Government lawyer quits hours before talks restart and Theresa May warns UK will ‘no longer be trusted’

But with the chances of a trade deal appearing slim and the end of the transition period in December creeping ever closer the UK wants to act unilaterally – disregarding the joint committee requirement – in order to ‘clarify’ some parts of the divorce deal relating to Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson finally convenes his Cabinet for its first face-to-face meeting in almost FIVE MONTHS as ministers sit at least one metre apart but do NOT wear face masks as PM warns of ‘bumpy months’ ahead

Boris Johnson made a joke about the large room required to facilitate a socially-distanced Cabinet meeting at the Foreign Office. He told his team of ministers: “Welcome to the Locarno Suite, which is the Foreign Office’s idea of a modest seminar room, conducted on such an opulent scale that we can both observe social distancing and […]

Boris Johnson is accused of deploying Donald Trump’s tactics in Brexit trade talks amid huge Tory mutiny over PM’s plant to ‘tear up’ divorce deal

As seasoned observers speculated on the motivations for the UK approach, Lord Darroch referred to comments made by Mr Johnson in 2018, in which he suggested there would be ‘all sorts of chaos’ at the start of Brexit negotiations if Mr Trump were in charge.

Boris Johnson’s government is threatening to breach international law. It could backfire spectacularly

Of course, many in the UK are convinced that this is merely the latest bit of Brexit posturing by the UK, in which Johnson wants to both keep his backbenchers on side and extract concessions from the EU. “The Prime Minister and the cabinet want to look very tough and determined to force last minute […]

Boris Johnson to name Prince William’s former right-hand man as head of civil service

Jonathan Slater, the top civil servant at the Department for Education, was sacked last week following the exams fiasco – only days after Sally Collier quit her post as head of the under-fire exams regulator Ofqual.

Cabinet at war over the rule of six: Almost every minister on Boris Johnson’s Covid committee argued against the stringent limit – and even the PM himself was ‘cautious’- but Matt Hancock got his way

But anger was intensified after Miss Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, said she would exempt children under 12 from a similar law north of the border – because they are at lower risk of transmitting the disease.It means grandparents will be able to spend the festive season with their grandchildren in Scotland, but not in […]