Darren Lewis: Calorie war is yet another U-turn from Boris Johnson

Trouble is, the government can ban the Buy One Get One Free promotions in supermarkets but a) all they do is hurt people trying to shop cheaply and b) what do they intend to do about kebab shops and fried chicken outlets on the street corners of communities that cabinet ministers tend not to come […]

JK Rowling offers to pay annual salary of Tweeter who used Civil Service account to accuse Boris Johnson of being an ‘arrogant, offensive truth-twister’

‘People have missed funerals of loved ones because of lockdown. Many have had to look after their own young children while ill. One of the architects of the rules keeping those people housebound drove across the UK, knowing he had the virus. Indefensible hypocrisy and selfishness,’ Ms Rowling tweeted.

Boris Johnson’s ‘back to work’ plea snubbed as millions won’t return to offices

Firms are being asked to start paying national insurance and pension contributions for the first time since April – though the Government will continue to pay 80% of furloughed workers’ wages up to a cap of £2,500.

Boris Johnson warned against ‘ageist and ill thought out’ plans to shield over-50s

Baroness Bakewell, 87, told the Daily Mail : “Young people assume it is over and are not distancing themselves as they should. They know they should, they have been told they should, but they cannot be bothered. That is the crux.”

Sadiq Khan blasts Boris Johnson for ‘looking at London M25 lockdown’ without telling him

“The confusion and delay over going into lockdown, the way Transport for London has been penalised despite doing everything ministers asked, a test and trace system that is not up to the standard required to contain outbreaks and the failure to deliver on promises that the Government will fully compensate local and regional government for […]

Report: Boris Govt May Ban Travel In and Out of London If Virus Cases Spike

“If we see the virus spreading in a particular way in London, as we‘ve seen in Manchester and West Yorkshire, where it’s spreading through people coming into another person’s home and that’s the way it’s spread, then we will discuss that with the police and we will not hesitate to act,” he said.

Children returning to schools is a ‘national priority’ despite new lockdown rules, says Boris Johnson

The UK recorded its first rise in coronavirus cases since the end of May Leisure centres like skating rinks and bowling alleys that had expected to reopen tomorrow will now have to wait another two weeks at least Brits will have to wear a face mask in cinemas Sports fans will not be allowed to […]

Voice of the Mirror: ‘Blustering Boris is giving us chaos when Britain needs clear thinking’

Questions must also be asked into the party’s handling of allegations after the whip was restored so that then-Dover MP Charlie Elphicke, accused of sex assaults, could vote to save Theresa May’s future. It was removed again when he was charged with sexual assault and he was convicted last week.

Dominic Cummings will take the extraordinary step of making a public statement – in breach of guidelines for unelected aides – over his lockdown trip to Durham from the Downing Street Rose Garden today

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain programme today: ‘If you look at the research it shows the reason why people observed lockdown was not for themselves, it wasn’t because they were personally at risk, they did it for the community, they did it because of a sense of “we’re all in this together”.

Grassroots sport battered with £400million of brutal Tory cuts since 2012 Olympics

We need youth workers to help a forgotten generation of young people – not a photo opportunity. What he and his gimmick-loving team don’t have is empathy with the people.