What’s the TRUTH behind England’s second wave? Imperial report warns of 100,000 daily cases and says the outbreak is doubling every nine days — but Cambridge experts estimate the figures are 55,000 and 17 days

Last night, Nottinghamshire was put into a Tier Three lockdown and became the first county to agree to a ban on selling alcohol after 9pm, if booze is bought to consume off premises. There are fears it has set a precedent and that other regions could be forced to comply with restrictions that go above […]

Sadiq Khan says ministers ‘must act now’ and slams No10 for ignoring SAGE’s advice to adopt a ‘circuit breaker’ as data shows London’s R rate ‘is the worst in England’ and could be as high as 3

The study, which will likely be used to pile more pressure on No10 to impose a national lockdown, also estimated the virus’ reproduction ‘R’ rate was around 1.6 across England in the most recent week, compared to 1.16 in the previous round. Experts have repeatedly warned it is critical the reproduction rate stays below the […]

Staying-in rule does not stop virus as people don’t obey it – but banning big public events works, experts say

“But do I think right now it is appropriate to insist on similar hard measures in, for example, south-west England or Kent, where levels of disease are really very, very much lower than in the North of England?

Coronavirus: pubs and restaurants across England to be forced to shut at 10pm

Prof Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, said the number of deaths directly from Covid could rise on an exponential curve, and added that, unlike during the first wave starting in March, “the seasons are against us, we are now going into the seasons, late autumn and winter, which benefit respiratory viruses and […]

Is South Yorkshire in tier 3 lockdown? Covid rules for Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley

You can’t meet socially with anybody who is not part of your household, or support bubble, indoors Those outside the county should avoid entering it, other than for work, education or for caring responsibilities or to travel through as part of a longer journey People should try to avoid travelling outside South Yorkshire due to […]

Tier 2 and 3 lockdown rules explained: Can I go to the pub, have friends over and go on holiday?

I live in Manchester – can I go and visit my sister in London? No. Manchester is now in the strictest level of lockdown – and all travel in and out of the area is strongly discouraged, unless it’s for some very important reasons.

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Michigan court ruling overturning COVID-19 restrictions is victory for liberty

She also closed arcades, bingo halls, bowling alleys, indoor climbing facilities, skating rinks and trampoline parks. She closed all places of employment not immediately necessary to sustain human life. She banned advertisements for nonessential goods and services. She prohibited visitors at hospitals, nursing facilities and jails. She shut down all veterinary facilities.

How Poland’s Strict New Abortion Ruling Could Be Mirrored Across the Globe

Women’s rights groups expressed fury at the decision, slamming it as “a war against women”. The protests have since turned into a wider fightback against the government which is being accused of chipping away at the rights of women and minorities. Some women opposed to the ruling have organized a “strike” and will be expected […]

Don’t stop your grousing … and other Covid rule-of-six exemptions

While two families stopping in the street to chat was described as illegal mingling by the home secretary, Priti Patel, parties of up to 30 are permitted to meet for shooting and hunting trips, after a ministerial intervention ensured it would be classed as a licensed outdoor activity.

Nicola Sturgeon admits she cannot rule out imposing nationwide coronavirus restrictions ‘in the next few weeks’ as she reveals which areas of Scotland will be hit by her five-tier local lockdowns from Monday

‘However, I want to be very clear that this has been a borderline decision and it is one that we require to keep under review – not just weekly, but on a daily basis.’