Woman, 23, is diagnosed with a brain bleed that had been a hidden ‘ticking time bomb’ since birth after collapsing on a night out with friends

Cabin crew member Jade, who now has aphasia (a condition affecting her speech), dyslexia and a loss of part of her eyesight, remained in hospital from November 9 to December 18 and had to learn how to read, write, walk and talk all over again.

Scientists worry Washington’s political crackdown may lead to Chinese brain-drain

There have been increasing reports on probes or arrests involving scientists of Chinese descent by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, raising doubts over the agency’s claim that it does not conduct investigations based solely on race, ethnicity or national origin. Enditem

NEP 2020 is a major step towards making India a knowledge economy, says PM Modi

“The prime minister said good ideas, no matter where they emerge from, should be adopted. NEP is a major step towards making India a knowledge economy. To tackle brain drain, we have allowed the best global varsities to come to India. We have to promote technological solutions in our colleges and universities,” he said.

Higher education in the UK is morally bankrupt. I’m taking my family and my research millions, and I’m off

Likewise, research is taking a massive hit in post-Brexit, post-pandemic Britain. There is good evidence that the exodus of more than 10,000 scholars from Britain’s universities since the referendum continues unabated. Scotland has lost almost 2,500 academics. Countries such as Germany are beneficiaries of this mass migration of intellectual talent. Scholars and their families are […]

Former Brazilian ministers slam budget cuts to science and technology

Despite all manner of challenges including poor infrastructure, the damning letter, which did not make a direct reference to Jair Bolsonaro’s administration, pointed out that Brazil has managed to make important advances around high-tech research in recent years, supporting sectors ranging from oil and gas and agriculture to aerospace and environmental management.

Education is collateral damage of rising tensions

The university probably made the decision under pressure from Texas politicians, some of whom are zealously pushing the US administration’s anti-China agenda, which has been partly created by people such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who found a new political life in campaigning against China after his failed presidential bid. The University of North Texas […]

Sky Views: Is the EU as united as it says it is?

Put Brexit aside and the disagreements at national level are even starker. In order to weaken national identities and strengthen its own role from the centre, Brussels has long championed a “Europe of the Regions” – made up of more than 60 ethnic identities rather than 27 states.

Washington creates McCarthyist campus climate: China Daily editorial

The denigrating and demonizing of Chinese students and researchers in the United States is just part of Washington’s strategy to drastically cut academic and scientific exchanges with China, which the US now deems as a fast growing threat to its superiority in technology. To underscore how urgently steps have to be taken to counter China […]

Trump’s immigration ban stranded a scientist with no job and no home

Rodolfo Dirzo said that he worries that “this madness has the potential to escalate to many other countries of the world.” Chaitan Khosla, a Stanford chemistry professor, called Trump’s executive order a particularly worrisome example of “the xenophobia that is spreading like the plague in our country.” He added that he’s certain that the order […]