Clint Frazier Has Big Season Debut; Yankees Beat Braves

“Tonight was fun. It felt good to get the first at-bat out of the way and just be able to breathe,” Frazier said. “I feel like I’m a little more advanced in some areas and I’m just glad tonight was able to start with a bang.”

Japan killed 50 whales in Antarctic protected area, data shows

The disclosure comes on the opening day of the International Whaling Commission’s annual meeting in Brazil, which Japan is chairing as it seeks to restart commercial whaling. Killing whales for profit was banned in 1986, but nations including Norway and Iceland have granted themselves exemptions.

Japanese hunters kill 120 pregnant minke whales during summer months – report

“Research effort began 60 minutes after sunrise and ended 60 minutes before sunset, with a maximum 12 hour per day,” said the report, prepared by representatives of the Institute of Cetacean Research – a whale research agency that is associated with Japan’s fisheries ministry. It was co-written with authors from the fisheries processing company Kyodo […]

Mike Pence Says Iran Is Planning ‘New Holocaust’ With Middle East Expansion

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and earlier, Trump railed against the deal. He regularly attacked the agreement, heralded in Europe as a significant breakthrough, over its failure to curb Iran’s ballistic missile tests as well as Tehran’s expansion into Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen through its proxy forces.

Trans-Tasman travel bubble ‘on pause’ amid new Covid outbreaks across Pacific

Despite the infection rate climbing, the PNG government has lifted the lockdown of the capital, Port Moresby – schools have re-opened and public transport re-started. For many in the capital, social distancing is impossible, with large extra-familial groups living in close confines, while 40% of the city is without access to running water.

New Zealand’s Ardern extends lockdown to stamp out coronavirus outbreak

Ardern said contact tracing and genomic testing had found no links with the current outbreak to the country’s border entry points or managed quarantine facilities. She said genome sequencing disproved the theory from some health experts that the virus could have been quietly moving through community since the original outbreak.

New Zealand scrambles to contain coronavirus resurgence as it heads toward election

Critics are also highlighting the economic impact of an extended shutdown. Reserve Bank of New Zealand Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand told Reuters the resurgence posed “a major risk” to the bank’s outlook, given its baseline scenario has an assumption that the virus is contained in the country.

How to watch MLB: Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies online

We’re already a couple weeks into what might be the strangest Major League Baseball season in recent memory, and given that we’ll be enjoying just 60 games this year instead of the regular 162, you surely don’t want to miss anything. Two MLB icons are facing off tonight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Phillies will […]

Christina Aguilera unveils the first look at the music video for her Mulan theme song Loyal Brave And True ahead of premiere

”t’s been a long awaited project that had to be postponed in the beginning of the year when all the theatres got shut down,’ Aguilera wrote. ‘But now we can reveal this beautiful movie and unveil the songs and music videos that I recorded in both English and Spanish.’

Baby surprise! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend announce they are expecting third child with close-up shot of her growing bump in new Wild video

‘You just look for anything to blame, especially yourself,’ she explained. ‘I think hearing stories is just really important. You realize there’s no right way to do it, or right way to react.