Meghan Markle and Harry have burnt bridges beyond repair – but there may be a way back

If we could have the old Harry back, firing on all cylinders, I am sure many would welcome him with open arms, but his departure has brought the problem of the spare into sharp focus and concentrated the minds of the Queen and the current heir and spare – William and the Prince of Wales.

The best sites to follow on election night, according to experts

‘The New York Times’ For Giorgia Lupi, a partner at the design firm Pentagram who is known for bringing a human element to data, the best data visualization of this election is not about clarity or interactivity. It’s actually about presenting information in the proper context. “I’m a visualization expert, but fundamentally, I always think […]

Covid-19 outbreaks are growing quickest in Hull, Derby and Somerset, official data reveals (and only 20 out of 150 authorities across England saw their infection rates drop last week)

Simon Clarke, an associate professor in cellular microbiology at University of Reading, said: ‘Are local restriction enough? They should be, but the problem is not so much going from Tier Two to Three, but going from One to Two. We know in certain parts of the country that is not happening quickly enough.

Sleuth is a text-based murder mystery simulator that is far scarier than it has any right to be

Sleuth’s non-jump scare was surprising because of how unimposing the game is. It was void of scary images and eerie music. Just text detailing what was going on and a few sounds. And still it was able to get under my skin – so much so, that when the killer finally made its presence known […]

Guardiola ‘incredibly happy’ at Manchester City and hopeful of prolonging stay amid latest Barca links

Rumour Has It: Man City plotting January bid for Messi, Man Utd eye Madrid midfielder

National lockdown next week: Boris Johnson bows to scientific advisers and is set tow nationwide coronavirus restrictions after warnings it was the only way to save Christmas

‘The difference between now and the first lockdown is we are in a much better place to really focus on where the virus is the greatest and I think that is right, not only in scientific and virus management terms, I think in terms of the way people feel about tackling the virus it is […]

The best iPhone games currently available (October 2020)

EVE Echoes EVE Online is one of the world’s biggest and most engaging MMOs, and now you can finally play a similar game on your smartphone. EVE Echoes brings a lot of what made the PC MMORPG amazing — the open-ended player interactions, skill trees, and the enormous amount of risk — and transplants it […]

Go, Rotten Flesh, go! Capture and battle the monsters of Dark Souls 3 with this Pokémon overhaul

There’s no need to toss out your early-game monsters either. Like I used to carry Bulbasaur with me from my first bout with Gary to the Elite four, you can take a hound-rat from Iudex Gundyr to Slave Knight Gael by using Pocket Souls’ leveling system. You can “sacrifice” essence gained from battles to Professor […]

America got cheated

Hurricanes are given human names like Katrina, Maria and Sandy each season to help people make a connection with these enormous natural phenomena. For only the second time, as John D. Sutter noted, this year the “World Meteorological Organization has run out of human names … for storms in the Atlantic.” So now they are […]