From Beyoncé covers to indie shoots: the new generation of black fashion photographers

South African photographer, Jamal Nxedlana also kicks against stereotypical ideas of black identity. His portraits of Johannesburg’s cool kids pop with colour, and native and natural hairstyles; his gender fluid models contort their bodies in surprising ways. “There’s a lot of frustration playing out right now in South Africa,” he says. “It is an extremely […]

Naughty but nice: Agent Provocateur

My memories of working in the shop over Christmas are of customers grabbing frantically, of men buying a pair of knickers for one girlfriend and a basque for another, of the flowery heat of the store being broken by icy gusts from the swinging door. I got the job aged 19 because the manager had […]

The story of Marine Serre’s crescent-moon catsuit

A trademark of Serre’s label has been her unwavering commitment to sustainability – upcycling makes up 50% of her collection. And the themes of environment and dystopia feed into her work. She described her autumn/winter 19 collection to Vogue as “after the apocalypse, a group of friends are underground – a community together. It’s a […]

Decline of Singapore’s famed shopping strip shows city’s pain due to coronavirus pandemic

Gone are popular restaurants like Modesto’s, which shut last month after 23 years. Also missing are the queues of Chinese tourists outside Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Malls along the 2.4 kilometer (1.5 mile) stretch, once one of Asia’s top shopping meccas, are dotted with empty stores. On a recent midweek afternoon, the number of shop […]

‘100 per cent accurate’ antibody tests to tell millions of Britons if they have ALREADY had coronavirus ‘will be available in TWO WEEKS’ – as Boris Johnson plans primetime broadcast to unveil the nation’s route back to school and work

Michael Gove blames the weekend as coronavirus testing falls to 76,500 just 48 hours after the Government claimed victory in its fight to reach 100,00 by the end of April  The number of coronavirus tests carried out fell sharply for the second day in a row on Sunday – the second successive fall since the […]