Bruce Willis to Hold Nuclear Power Plant Hostage in Action Thriller ‘Reactor’ (Exclusive)

“We’re honored Mr. Willis is collaborating with us again on Reactor,” said Large. “It’s extremely humbling and exciting having Bruce Willis making Bruce Willis movies. His energy, legacy and decision to partner with 308 Enterprises again, makes me thrilled for the future. We’re grateful to Stephen Eads for his creative insight and leadership.”

Virtual Cannes Deals Memo: Day 5

AGC Studios’ action thriller The Blacksmith, starring Nick Jonas and Laurence Fishburne, will go wide thanks to a raft of deals. The story of a go-to weapons expert for the intelligence community (Jonas) who goes looking for his mentor (Fishburne) after his base is infiltrated and his colleagues killed, has sold, among others, to Germany and […]

Sierra Club Legend Dies / Environmentalist was uncompromising steward of the planet

The jibes came to a head with the battle over the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. To protect other parts of the California coast, some of the club’s directors persuaded Pacific Gas and Electric Co. to put the plant at the isolated San Luis Obispo County canyon site. Although they later regretted the decision, board […]

AP Exclusive: US ignored rising-sea warnings at radar site

The Marshall Islands base is among dozens of U.S. military sites threatened by climate change. A July report by the Union of Concerned Scientists analyzed 18 military installations along the U.S. East and Gulf coasts. It found that with just a moderate rise in sea levels, 16 could flood 100 times a year by 2050.

The cyberplague that threatens an internet Armageddon

Why has malware become so pervasive and so difficult to combat? The main reason is that malevolent innovation is the downside of the open architecture of the PC and the internet. The combination of an open, programmable PC and a network that is open to anyone created a “generative system” which was uniquely hospitable to […]