BDU issues directive to begin online teaching

In other circumstances, it is logical to expect students to visit the nearest computer centres. In the current situation, all computer centres are closed. Also, those venturing out will be subjected to harsh treatment by police personnel, another teacher adds.

Missing school? Check out these websites and learning resources to keep your mind ticking

1. Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA): DIKSHA hosts more than 80,000 curriculum-linked and curated content pieces in 15 languages. The wide range of educational material includes explanation videos, experiential content, activities, quizzes, interactive games, lesson plans and worksheets, all of which create an engaging learning experience.

Ninth and tenth Victorian coronavirus deaths recorded

“Three weeks ago we thought this was a rare illness and just impacted the elderly or immunocompromised. Now here we are two healthy adults who have gotten seriously ill from this horrible disease. My advice is to take this seriously. Stay home, practice social distancing. It could happen to you.”

Boston Sports Clubs Sued For Collecting Fees During Shutdown

Healey’s office said BSC members should have the right to cancel their memberships if a gym is not operating, and given the public health emergency, the company should provide an email option. Members should not be charged a cancellation fee and should be refunded anything they’ve been charged since the gyms closed, according to Healey.

Abandon Parenting, and Just Be a Parent

This is just one of the many fascinating studies described in Alison Gopnik’s latest book The Gardener and the Carpenter, which makes a compelling case that parents should get out of the way of children’s natural drive to learn through play and observation of the world. The book explains how young children decide whom to […]

Kerala Lockdown Day 16: Rs 20 meals at Janakiya hotels, daily parcel services by Railways

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Progressives, Employers Say DACA Migrants Are ‘Crucial’ for Fighting Coronavirus

If the Supreme Court allows the termination of DACA during this pandemic, the work of our hospitals will suffer a critical blow at exactly the moment when we can least afford it. At a time when the importance — and scarcity — of our medical resources has never been clearer, neither our institutions nor the […]

Vajpayee’s career reflected the vicissitudes of Indian history

• He was the only prime minister after Jawaharlal Nehru to get a favourable verdict in three consecutive elections, though Nehru had secured decisive majorities for his own party.

Connecticut could learn from Rhode Island employer-led centers

“In the seaside town of Westerly, the state worked with a century-old submarine manufacturer General Dynamics Electric Boat to coordinate resources; Rhode Island build a job center nearby, and worked with the company to develop a curriculum that would meet both the physical needs of General Dynamics – such as pipe-fitting and welding m- as […]

Director Garry Marshall Dies of Complications From Pneumonia at 81

A memorial is being planned for his birthday on November 13. Funeral services will be private. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made in the name of Garry Marshall to the Saban Community Clinic, the Intensive Care Unit at Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank and Northwestern University Undergraduate Scholarship Fund.